Dexter 10/28

Does anyone else on the SDMB watch Dexter on Showtime? This last episode was easily one of the better ones, especially this season. I won’t put any spoilers in this post (in case someone clicks it and hasn’t seen it), but SPOILER ALERT for the rest of the thread (assuming I’m not the only one who watches Dexter here).

I found Dexter to be rather stoopid in this one.

There are dozens of bad guys he can hunt down and murder in any given week, and he chooses to do the one that Miguel was complaining about? Didn’t he think the DA who failed to convict him, and who knows a Big Secret about Dexter, might keep tabs keep tabs on him?

Oh yea, definitely. That’s not to say it doesn’t make sense. He’s off his game, he needed a kill badly, and all he had going through his mind was the kid and the marriage. It makes sense that he would make such a mistake, we all could tell watching the show. The fact that Miguel is okay with it was what was a shocker for me… although the preview makes it look like he might be setting him up.

I’m watching. Haven’t seen all of this week’s episode yet though. Is Rita okay? She hasn’t lost the baby yet, has she?

Why is it taking Deb so long to sleep with the snitch? There’s a ton of chemistry there. And what’s up with Quinn? It’s almost too obvious that he’s sabotaging Deb, which makes me think something else is going on.

I don’t like that Dexter is letting Miguel use him as a weapon, but I guess it’s part of his character. He wants someone to accept him for what he is – it’s what he’s been looking for all his life.

Loved Masuko this week.

I loooove Dexter. I haven’t seen this episode yet, so I’m not reading the thread til I do. But I loooove the show!

I loved the showdown with Masuko/Ramon and the support from Deb/Battista-No-Relation- although thought it was a dream sequence at first.

Dexter is really blowing it though having anything to do with Miguel- not that he has a lot of choice. I’m pretty sure Miguel will set Dexter up, then bail him out so he has an iron-clad hold on Dexter and the ability to use him as his executioner (and not for all the right reasons, I’m sure.) Miguel’s future involves floating in the Gulf Stream, however, and I’m looking forward to the ironic moment when Ramon will think Dexter is a hero without realizing he’s killed both brothers.
Just a hunch…

The preview of the next episode was the most interesting thing that happened in the 50 minutes of the show. Why help a prisoner escape? and it looked like Miguel was giving Dexter up. Although, it might have been a way to distract the police for a few seconds.

You know, that Michael Hall has had quite the career lately. Both the shows he’s really known for were/are excellent, and gave him intriguing characters to play. David and Dexter are both very memorable to me.

Must be heaven for an actor, outside of stage performance that is.

Didn’t Dexter say in the preview that he’s been after the prisoner for almost a decade?

I’m thinking that Miguel was giving up that the prisoner escaped so it doesn’t look like he had a hand in it AND so that the prisoner is more trusting of Dexter (ie they’re on the run together).

Miguel is the new Harry. 'Nuff said.

This episode left me thinking “Pretty soon Miguel is gonna have to die”

This is going to probably get me flamed, but I want Rita to D-I-E die! She’s very lovely but she annoys me to no end! Hate!

it was a great episode to say the least, but what I came out with from that episode is:

what exactly is the translation for what Miguel told Dexter his wife called him?

Heeleepoyas is the phonetic spelling of it most likely spanish or perhaps Cubano dialect.

It was a good episode except for the fatal flaw of Dexter’s killing being so amazingly, stupidly amateurish. Not only did he kill the guy Miguel was talking about, but he went through with the plan after Miguel saw him on the boat. And to make matters worse, he kills the guy on a cruise ship? Come on. He would have been recorded by a half dozen different cameras coming and going, and when a person of that high profile vanishes, you know the cops are going to watch every frame of those videos looking for the killer.

I don’t see how Dexter could avoid being caught after killing a guy in such a stupid fashion.

Yeah, it’s one thing for Dexter to abandon his father’s code and make his own. But that doesn’t mean his own code should be DUMB.

It about time he killed again. Otherwise it will turn into the “Dexter is reformed but constantly trying not to get caught for past crimes” show.

I don’t know. This makes four victims already this season, in a fairly short period of time.

Sleeps With Butterflies, I’m not nuts about Rita either, the actress or the character. Her face is almost too expressive, and she simpers. I liked her better as Darla on Angel.

I thought him killing the guy Miguel was talking about was on the verge of him wanting Miguel to know he’d done it. Could not agree more about Rita, she annoys the hell out of me. I am also a bit surprised that (it seems from the preview) they are going to break a guy out of prison just to kill him, seems decidedly against the code.

In subplot territory, they couldn’t be telegraphing Big Suspiciousness with Debra’s new partner any more heavily, and what the hell was with that terrible Debra Gets Through To The Troubled Teen scene? It even had Hallmark music in the background. Blech. At times it’s like Dexter (the character) is written by a completely different (and rather better) writer than the entire rest of the show.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still ace, though.

I think she thought she finally got Quinn, figured out his methods for getting through to people, maybe even understood him, and it was working for her. Then he screwed her anyways.
I get the feeling the kid is gonna be dead next episode anyways.

His line from last weeks ( I think?), “A safe Miami means we’re out of a job!” is my favourite in the series, so far. :smiley: