Dexter coming back in 2021

The Leftovers ending was great, unless you don’t consider that enough of a big name show.

As far as Dexter goes, it’s pretty hard to surpass Season 4, with John Lithgow as the Trinity killer. “Hello, Dexter Morgan.” Creepy AF.

With a lot of series which failed in retrospect, there was some damn fine seasons of it, and it just should have ended there. There would have been a different view of Dexter if it had finished after Season 4. While 5 and 6 were decent enough, they weren’t as good.

If Lost had finished after Season 3, or used 4 to bring a decent sensible conclusion that would be regarded very well.

If GOT had finished after Season 5, and just left it there, on the off chance that GRRM wrote the rest of the books. Though the next bit would have to be with new actors. That would have been good.

Oh, and Walking Dead, after Season 1.

ISTM that the new series Next is a continuation of Person of Interest.

Not saying it necessarily is, just feels like it.

I was hoping Westworld would be the continuation of PoI - seeing as it’s made by the same people - but it isn’t nearly as intelligent, coherent and focused. I’ll check Next out.

I thought the Sopranos ending was perfect.

I liked Leftovers quite a bit. The ending was good.