Dexter coming back in 2021

This isn’t a prediction so much as a way I’d like to see it end. Dexter kills the serial killer in such a manner that he rescues a potential victim (possibly even the Police Chief’s daughter) and gets the public acclaim that he had fantasized about at the conclusion of season 1 (or was it season 2?). He never kills again.

Kurt and Edward are definitely two different people. What baffles me is why Kurt seemed to think he was FaceTiming with his son when we know quite clearly that Matt bit the big one with Dexter/Jim. This left me confused.

I really didn’t like the first episode of the season. It just didn’t make sense that Dexter had gone 10 years without killing and that was the guy that made him break the streak. He wasn’t super evil or an active killer, he was just really annoying. And the writing of that character wasn’t very believable. The ways they made him obnoxious were very ham handed. I kept expecting them to bring in a puppy so he could beat it. Luckily that character is gone now and the episodes have been better. I’m still worried things are going to go downhill again, though.

I was hoping they’d finally use this plot idea from The Onion:

Dexter discovers a serial killer who only kills serial killers who only kill serial killers. But they must put aside their differences when they find themselves hunted by a serial killer who only kills serial killers who only kill serial killers who only kill serial killers.

After today’s episode, I suspect the podcaster of secretly working for the serial killer, especially after she asked to look at the police chief’s investigation.

Interesting theory. For a true crime podcaster having a serial killer in her back pocket could be helpful. Either that or she’ll end up one of his victims.

I just saw the first episode too, and it seemed obvious to me that Dex broke down and killed the guy not because he was super evil, but because Harrison’s return had shaken him so badly. Morgan Stanley there just had the misfortune of being a target of opportunity.