Dexter coming back in 2021

I am guessing any follow up season will be called Harrison, with Dexter being the voice in his head.

Dexter Morgan…a man barely alive.

Haha! Talk about beating a concept to death (so yo speak). It was already weird without Harry this season, though Deb made for an interesting substitute. I think the series ended where it needed to, with Dexter finally getting caught and having to be exposed as a serial killer. He had been getting away with it for far too long and who better than his son to be the one that ends Dexter’s spree. When Dexter tries to say that he can change, you know there’s just no way. It would have been cool for Batista to confront Dexter, but it wasn’t really necessary. Batista ID’d Dexter from the photo. All in all, I liked the finale, but most of the reviewers on IMDb sure didn’t. It got a rating of 4.6—the lowest for the whole nine seasons.

Harrison: Newer New Blood

I assume Hall told the producers he was done playing Dexter. Same as Gandolfini with Tony Soprano.