Dexter might return

I would think it would be a whole new direction but who knows what they will do, if this happens.

not surprising at all - reality is, I don’t think the spin off has much chance without that kind of hook - we have tons of “stupid cop” shows on the airwaves now.

But after the disappointment that was the finale, I can’t see the simfamily watching either way.

I’m a fan of Hall’s work and will surely give any new project involving him a fair chance. Dexter, as such, is not the place, though.

Maybe he’ll go into the funeral business…

I can’t even watch reruns from the good seasons after that finale, I am so disappointed. I would have to be REALLY bored to pop that on unless the reviews were fantastic. Even then I’d just be thinking “Lumberjack ending” the whole time.

maybe he will put on women’s clothing and hang around in bars?

And be okay.