Dexter S5:07 "Circle Us" (7 Nov 10)/Open Spoilers

I didn’t see another thread on this episode so pardons if there is one.

Open spoilers after OP.

So do you think that Dexter and Lumen are going to

1- Hook up and become a duo?

2- End up in yet another "Dexter must, he did with Lila and Miguel and Arthur and his brother, realize that once again has to kill the person he wishes he’d been able to share his killings with?

If this were real life I think Batista’s ass would and should be in a major sling for the lack of judgment she showed in taking the Fuentes Brothers. Keen shooting on Deb’s part though.

Do you think that Jordan Chase and the Fuentes Brothers are somehow connected?

I think Quinn’s dirty detective buddy, who is evidently about to start blackmailing him, is definitely a goner.

If this season ends with Dexter killing Lumen (aka stock “I guess I’ll have to just kill by myself” seasonal guest star 5) and Quinn (Deb’s “thought I’d found the person of my dreams but dang it, they either turned psycho or got killed”) I think I’m hanging it up. If they bring in the Moloch plotlineat least it would be less predictable than if they go there yet again.

Agree that they’d better not be rehashing the same old plotlines. I mean, how many lovers can Deb bury before someone begins to think that the common denominator is her.


“Well, you can tell he’s a freak.”
“No, the other guy.”

Deb nailing the one brother in the head. It’s about time she had some good luck.


The writers conveniently forgetting about the dentist’s pre-death cell phone conversation with his cohort in crime, which would have made it super easy for Lumen and Dexter to track him down.

Having Lumen chastise Dexter for not announcing himself when he walked into his house (understandable given what she’s been through), then a few scenes later have them pull up to Cole’s (the bodyguard) house – you know, one of the men who repeatedly tortured and raped her – and leave her in the car, alone, in the middle of the night, with the windows down. Come on writers, if you’re going to have her sleep in a closet in one scene, don’t forget her back story in the next scene.

It looks like the bad cop storyline will be moved to the front burner. I don’t know the actor, but boy he creeps me out.

What’s up with the nanny? :dubious:

Somehow I get the feeling that the nanny is going to turn out not to be Mary Poppins.

Yeah, I wondered about that. This is the one phone on Earth that doesn’t have a last number dialed feature?

Every season, Dexter finds a buddy and he has to take them out. It would be a nice change to not end the season with a dead Lumen. I’m not so sure that I want them to become beards for each other, though. It might be good, it might not be. This season is flying by.

Ooh! It just hit me—she’s gonna find the slides in the air conditioner!

It’s been stretching my suspension of disbelief.

That’s not a deal breaker. It’s just a genre changer. Too much of that, and I’ll still enjoy it, but as a soap opera cartoon rather than a proper drama.

I mean, despite the attention paid recently in several episodes, to the use of gloves, it’s still a HORRIBLY GLARING MISTAKE how often they don’t use gloves at important moments. Sometimes, Dexter is maybe excused by his later appearance at the same location as a crime scene investigator, but not always.

But I did enjoy the episode. I didn’t quite get the whole Saint Bridget thing but whatever, close enough.

Quinn is a dick.

Robocop is a bigger dick.

I have a feeling Batista will be replaced by her husband.

I don’t think that would be too hard for Dexter to explain away, given his occupation, at least to someone who wasn’t already suspicious.

Dexter recognized that the statue was extremely important to the nanny, and that his casual dismissal of it hurt her. More evidence of his emerging empathy/emotions, I thought.

Looks like he’s going to be a much bigger problem for Quinn than for Dexter, which is a shame, as Weller would be a great antagonist. The Dexter and Robocop action figures were facing each other on my shelf before Weller even *got *the role. :slight_smile:

Didn’t Dexter dispose of the slides when he was under suspicion after the death of his wife?

I do hope they don’t kill off Lumen. So far, it seems like unless she goes completely psycho (which Dexter has been able to talk her down from before) she shouldn’t be killed. My bet for the completely psycho needs to be killed person is the nanny. That sets up Lumen as Harrison’s new nanny.

I don’t think so- I think he just moved them- but I could be wrong.

What looks bad for the chances of this is that Julia Stiles is listed (ala Lithgow and Jimmy Smits) as “Special Guest Star” in the credits.

I know, separate the artist from the art and all, but it’s weird sometimes in Dexter and Deborah scenes when you remember “in real life they’re married and have a kid”. Must be weird for them too.

Does anybody else find the Batista-LaGuerta romance and marriage a major yawnfest? And an embarrassing question but I’ll ask: did any other musical theatre buffs find themselves thinking of St. Bridget(1:10- Gooch’s first song from the musical Mame) during the episode?

It’d be even more weird for them considering that they don’t have a kid! :slight_smile:

Hmm… could’ve sworn I saw a picture of her with him very pregnant. I wonder if, this being Hollywood and all, they’re closeted parents.

Gosh, I don’t know. I’ve been watching “Dexter” since its inception and I can’t recall ever seeing Jennifer Carpenter looking even remotely pregnant. So if they’re closeted parents, they’ve closet surrogate parents.

Somebody should really report them, because that’s just not healthy for their kid(or kids- if they’re closeted and using surrogates they could have a dozen by now).

Didn’t they find the box of slides in Doake’s car, before he conveniently exploded?

And yes, it seems the only people in more danger than Dexter’s enemies are Dexter’s friends.
One more thing… I hope the club fiasco finally destroys LaGuerta’s career. She’s always been dishonest and a terrible cop, but conniving enough to protect herself. Run away, Sergeant Batista! Save yourself from the harpy!

Dexter’s on his second box of slides. It’s back behind the AC unit in his old apartment, IIRC.

He can’t have all that many new slides yet, can he?

I could swear Dexter mentioned his number of kills not too long ago – but I don’t remember the number.

Sixty-something IIRC.