DFW Dopers: Phouka is coming to town (Anybody want to meet wit' da fishes?)

Phouka is moving back to our lovely area, and to celebrate, she would like to visit the zoo and/or the aquarium. Since I’ve decided that until it cools down I’m not going to spend any more time outside that it take for me to get to or from my car ( :smiley: ) I’m voting on the aquarium.

Who all is interested? Phouka, when do you think you will be in town?

The Aquarium has penguins. Gunslinger and I are in if we aren’t working that day.

The aquarium is cool (no pun intended). If I’m free whatever day the group decides on, I’ll be there.

I’m already here (been here for a month, actually), and I’m ready and rarin’ to go to the aquarium or any other place that strikes your fancy.

[sub]I love you guys![/sub]


I’ve got a show this weekend, but any week after that is fine by me.

I’m so looking forward to seeing you again!


The aquarium is so cool that mrs. green and I actually had our wedding reception there. I’ll see if I can talk her into packing up baby green for a field trip.

Grace will be back in Plano on August 14th. I will return on September 3rd. Depending on when you actually decide on going, we may or may not be there.

I’ll be out of town August 27-29 (IFGS game in California). Anything before or after that is fine with me.

Hmmm, I haven’t done a very good job of keeping this thread afloat (and if I don’t get some help, the puns are going to get even worse.)

This weekend is too soon, and next weekend I have found out that I have a major work obligation. And I want to see Balance again!

How doest September 4th sound to y’all?

My days off are Thursdays and Sundays, but on Thursdays Gunslinger has a class from 2-5.

September 4th will NOT work for me, because with any luck, I’ll be visiting a buddy in Missouri. Weekend after?

So, that would be Saturday the 11th. That works for me.


Would Sunday the 12th work? That way we can get Racinchikki and Gunslinger.

For info on the aquarium, here is their website. There is a “Jungle Cafe” that we could meet at - maybe meet up there for lunch (has anyone eaten there)?

Or Sunday the 12th, from looking at a few posts up.

Sunday’s fine with me.

Well, we’re closing in on the 12th, so let’s go with that date.

Embarrassingly enough, I’m not sure we can afford the admission price. We’ve been hit with some unexpected expenses and an unexpected loss of income. We will probably have to bow out unless circumstances change.

Well, this is two days from today. I know Phouka will be there, anyone else?

Did you know there are two aquariums in Dallas? I didn’t until I googled for it Sunday.

Anyway, if anyone showed up at the aquarium at Fair Park, I’m sorry for the confusion and I hope you still enjoyed yourself. Phouka, if that was the aquarium you wanted to go to, I’m so sorry I didn’t get that cleared up earlier.

Anyway, Balance and I were the only ones who showed up (at least that we know of) and we had a good time wandering through that maze. Balance made the comment during the tour that he “swallowed an encyclopedia as a child” and I can’t think of anyone better to spend an afternoon at an aquarium with.