Attention Philadelphia Dopers: AnahitaFestaRama in August?

Hi all,

I’ve been conversing with the lovely and talented Anahita via LiveJournal and I’ve discovered that she’ll be visiting the States soon. My understanding is that she’ll be in the Philadelphia area in August.

What say us Fluffyans and people who wish they were Fluffyans show them Noo Yawkers that we have the chops to throw a celebratory get-together to welcome one of our own back to her ancestral stompin’ grounds? I’ll be out of town from August 8-18 and I don’t know what Anahita’s itinerary is, but I’m certain we can do something. Annie, give us some dates, huh?

What do yizz say?


Thanks, Zappo. I’d love to meet up with Philly Dopers. Unfortunately, I’ve got so much going on, so the dates are somewhat limiting. Being that I’m all knocked-up and stuff, it won’t be a big rousing party type thing.

If we do a day-time thing, and if anyone has kids, I’ll bring my husband and kidlet (she’s 2) otherwise, I’ll leave them at home. It’s up to you all.

Here’s the dates I’m available. Some of these may not work, since it seems everyone back there has already fully booked our holiday without asking us.

We arrive July 28th and go to So Illinois on the 4th of August, so…
July 30th? July 31st? August 1, 2, 3rd?

We come back on the 12th, so the 13th, or 14th August works. The 15th we’re heading to DC until the 19th or so.

I’m trying to get to NYC, too, so the 20-24th are also good. I’ll be going to NYC for one day and one night somewhere in there.

We go back to France on August 25th.

I’d prefer the late July or early August dates meself.

Can anyone suggest what we could do? I’d love to go into the city to walk around as John hasn’t ever really seen Philly. Weather permitting, that is.

This is probably doable for me. I’m going back to Michigan on August 15, and I’m taking a portion of the bar exam on August 9, but any other day should be good.

Maybe August 2nd, during the day? Lunch and an afternooon of revelry?

But where? Hmmm? Where, I ask?

Correction: I meant August 3rd, which is a Saturday. I have to work on the 2nd. :frowning:


Bad Zappo! You can’t do that weekend. It’s the weekend of the DopeFest at RenFest! Which means I can’t be in two places at one time!!! And I’m already committed to the one, soooo… :wink:

Almost any other weekend is good for me, though! :smiley:

Settle down the dates, and I’ll do what I can to be there.

hhhhhmmmm, could be doable.

sigh That’s really the only weekend it seems to work for me, though. . .unless you want to do something on the 24th, but then ResIpsaLoquitor will be busy dropping barrels on the heads of unsuspecting pedestrians* and won’t be able to come.

Let’s get a consensus here and see what’s what, eh?


*Super-secret lawyer and law student inside joke.

It’ll have to be the August 3rd, because I’m going to NYC for the late August date.

So, I’m going out on a limb here and PROCLAIMING (because I’m bossy like that) that it shall be August 3rd.

Now, location? Child-friendly or no? Your call. I don’t mind either way, really. If it’s an evening thing, that’s fine, too, though I’d prefer a daytime thing, so I can drive from KOP to a Septa station and take the train in. I’m skerrred of driving in Philly. Mind you, I used to live on Pine Street for years, but still.

So, let’s nail this down NOW.
And TP, I’ll meet you in NYC in late August, ok?

Darn it…Zappo came close to revealing my night job as Donkey Kong’s stunt double!

Oh, and uh, nailing it down: the 3rd would be good. The following weekend would be good provided it doesn’t run into the time I’m taking the Professional Responsibility exam.

Location? South street is an old favorite. Maybe a lunch or dinner somewhere downtown, like the Hard Rock Cafe (which is a wee bit pricey). Or the Academy of Natural Sciences…hey, I like dinosaurs.

Maybe the Franklin Institute? Or something? I’m thinking I might take my daughter, drop her and hub off at the Please Touch Museum or somesuch and hop off with you lot for lunch. Then meet them back there later.

Anyway, I’m flexible. It’s been years since I’ve been in Center City, so anything works for me. I suppose Zappo and I could have our much-anticipated cheesesteak if we go to South Street, too?

Y’all have fun. Looks like I’m gonna be missing out on a good one. Now if this were the Wizarding World, I’d be able to Apparate between the two so I wouldn’t have to miss anyone! :slight_smile:

OK, I hereby proclaim the Third of August to be Anahita Day!
Now. . .where to meet? Sheesh. I’m a little rusty on Center City eating/drinking spots that are open on weekend afternoons (been in Harrisburg since '98) so I’m open to suggestions. The only places I can think of are the Hard Rock on Market St. or TGI Friday’s on the Parkway (if they’re even still there)

Of course, we could go to South Street and hit Johnny Rocket’s, Jim’s (if we have to) or South Street Soluvaki (sp).

And Annie dear, I’m taking you and John and Y to Tony Luke’s. He’s in South Philadelphia. Totally different head. Totally.

Just a random idea tossed out into the ether. . .

Lunch at the Hard Rock on Market Street, followed by an afternoon wandering around the City of Brotherly Love (and Sisterly Affection), with perhaps a cheesesteak for dinner?

I promised Anahita a cheesesteak and I can’t back off that.

Annie, the Hard Rock is easy to get to. It’s on Market Street within a block or two of Market East Station. And if you bring the car seat for Y, I’ll be glad to drive you back to wherever you have to be if we run past the time you’re comfortable taking the train or whatever.

I can’t believe with all the dates I am glued to Philly due to my lab work, you all pick the one weekend I break free to hold a fest! Phooey on all of you.

Have a blast y’all. Send me pictures.

Of course, it also occurs to me that I am just sitting around Philly on the other dates Anahita is in the area, so if she has some burning desire to meet me or is prowling around the city anyway feel free to get in touch.

Hey Verrain, maybe we can get together with Annie on some other Saturday while she’s there and I’m back from vaycay. I need to give you a hearty handshake and a clap on the back as well as give your lovely wifey-to-be a big hug!

Verrain- It’s a desire, but I wouldn’t call it burning.

What I am burning for however, is some good ole Philly-phood.

Just a few more days!!!

I doubt very seriously that I am going to be able to meet the Illustrious Anahita when she’s in the states, and this makes me kinda bummed, but I just realized that I have something very cool that I can give her, so would someone who’s going please email me your snail mail addy so I can mail you something for her? Actually since Zappo is putting it together I guess he’d be best…