Philly Dopers -- Dinner?

We haven’t scheduled the July dinner – are we gonna try to do this or are we on summer vacation?

This week is bad for me, but I don’t have anything scheduled yet for next week.

Hey, Maybe I can make it this time…
Next Monday and Tuesday are bad for me (forgein co-workers in town) but the rest of the week should be doable with some juggling.

Yay! that would be great!

Wednesday and Thursday are equally okay with me. Friday’s no good, since I’m leaving for my annual week in Cape May first thing Saturday.

Anyone else in?

Wednesday the 28th would be good for me as well. I can’t do Tuesday or Thursday that week.

Okay, let’s say Wednesday the 28th.

Where? If it’s just us three, I’d say Phil’s – is anyone else in? DavidM? JohnM? Cleophus?

Is there any chance the lovely and talented quiltguy will be able to join us?

I’m on vacation next week, and don’t I deserve it! Where is this Phil’s, of which you speak?

Phil’s is at Broad Axe (Ambler/Blue Bell/Whitpain) – Butler Pike and Skippack Pike (Rte. 73). I suggested it because it’s five minutes or less for Pandora and me from work, and about 10 minutes from ScubaBen’s home. If you’ll be joining us, though, we could do something else – King of Prussia, perhaps, or Plymouth Meeting, Lafayette Hill, etc. (Does anyone else like the Persian place in Lafayette Hill?) We’ve been concentrating on the western and northwestern 'burbs – Blue Route and Schuylkill are convenient for many people, though I realize not everyone. Where would you be coming from?

woo hoo
People, (and not just any people, people capable of intelligent conversation…)
Wednesday is good for me… Phils would be great, since it’s so close, but I’m up for just about anywhere as long as someone can give me directions.

The Persian Grill is very good. I like it. Who’s up for kebabs?


I’m up for anything…
I’ve never had persian food though, so if we end up going there, I will need both directions and ordering advice :slight_smile:


It’s not super exotic – lots of lamb, which is what I always get – the marinades often involve a yougurt base – flavorful rather than spicy.

The restaurant is on Germantown Pike, not hard to find at all, maybe 10 minutes from where you work. (Well, maybe more, if you go down Butler Pike and get caught in that ugly stuff of people headed for the Blue Route during rush hour.)

I think we’re just waiting to hear back from quiltguy as to whether he’ll be joining us. What time is good for youse guys – six?

6:30 or 7:00 works better for me.

My advice for what to order is pretty simple. When in doubt, pick lamb or chocolate, as appropriate.

Count me in. 7:00 P.M. would be better for me, as I’m the world’s worst navigator. Explicit instructions would be welcome. Landmarks work much better for me, when coupled with route numbers. Looking forward to a much-anticipated convergence. See ya’! Any chance there’s a Dairy Queen™ nearby?

Yay! Finally, a chance to meet the famous quiltguy!

Okay – Wednesday the 28th, 7:00 PM, at the Persian Grill – I’ll post very explicit directions this weekend sometime, it’s really quite easy.

Anyone else care to join us?


From the (northbound) Blue Route (Rte.476):

Get off at Exit 19 (Chemical Road). Bear right onto Chemical Road. This dead-ends at Germantown Pike. Turn right. The light at the top of the hill is Butler Pike (ugly multi-part intersection with an eponymous Quaker meetinghouse on the right).

Keep going on Germantown Pike for a couple of miles. You’ll pass Plymouth-Whitemarsh HS on the left; keep going. You’ll pass playing-fields and a big park on the left, a golf course on the right. The next light is at Joshua Road – keep going.

Go another mile or two. You’ll have a smallish strip mall on the left and the Whitemarsh Municipal Bldg. on the right as you approach the next light, Crescent Avenue. On the far side of this intersection on the left is a gas station that is currently being torn up for some kind of construction. Next to the gas station on the left, still on Germantown Pike, is the Persian Grill – large white, green, and red sign – large, rather gaudy garden out front. If you get to the Y intersection where Germantown Pike goes to the left and Church St. goes to the right (by the General Lafayette Inn), you’ve passed it.

Pandora – you can either come down Butler and hang a left on Germantown Pike, following the directions above from there – or, to avoid ugly traffic, go north on Butler to Stenton, take a right, next light is Joshua Road, take a right, second light is Germantown Pike, take a left, proceed as above.

We’ll be meeting there at 7. I’m a tall, plump, middle-aged woman with dark-brown hair liberally streaked with silver.

Wowsers! In town for the week, seeing known Dopers and meeting newbies is always fun. Can I come along?

To answer your question quiltguy154, my recall says the closest DQ is on Butler Pike between Germantown Pike and Ridge Pike.

Damn, dances, that really scares the hell out of me, that you’d be able to come up with a DQ. These are my stomping grounds and I wasn’t getting anywhere.

Definitely, come join us! And anyone else who’d like to!

Hee, hee. Don’t forget that I’m a transplant to Central PA. Born in Bucks, and worked in Bucks/Mont/Phila since then. I only remembered the DQ because I passed it every day when we were doing an installation in Conshie earlier this year. See you Wednesday. Note to Pandora: I’m a tall, plump, middle-aged guy with dark-brown hair liberally streaked with silver. Not sure if your hair is longer than mine, twickster. :stuck_out_tongue:

one final bump in case interested Dopers were on vacation last week