Philly Dopers, Let's start on that bi-weekly dinner

Even though some of us are getting together here, we’ve also been talking a lot about a bi-weekly get together. So, I’m ready to get the ball rolling for this.

How does next Thursday night sound? And does anyone have suggestions for a place to get together? I have a few ideas here in University City, but I don’t know how many would rather be in Center City.

So, lets get this party started.

That’s what I get for forgetting where I am. Mods, could someone fix my link for me, since I’m an idiot? Thanks.

Next Thursday is fine. My main concern is time – I work till 5:30 in the northwest 'burbs (near Ambler), so can’t get anywhere till 6 or 6:30. Is that too late for others who are coming straight from work?

West Philly is fine – or there’s Manayunk, though parking can be a pain around there.

Ugh, ‘Manny-Yunk’ is a horrible place to park. I used to head out there a couple times and would spend a good 15 minutes circling blocks to find a space. No fun.

I can make it on Thursday but I have the same situation as twickster. After getting ready after work and driving down I couldn’t make it until 6:30 at best.

thursday would be rather difficult. i’m an early work person.

Is there a better weeknight for you rc? One’s much the same as another for me.

friday would be best. i wouldn’t have to worry about being “early to bed, early to rise.” i usually stay up to the wee hours of fri night and sat morning reading.

FWIW, I have late night classes (7-10 pm, yikes!) on Monday and Thursday. Tuesday and Wednesday I’m outta school at 7 p.m. (I can always arrive a wee bit later than everyone else, so long as there’s a drink waiting for me :)). Finally, Fridays are utterly open.

Look forward to hanging with y’all again!

So what does everyone think of next Friday, about 6:30, in West Philly?

Me like friday, preferably somewhere I can take the train to. I like to not have to drive after having a few.

Friday works for us. West Philly/University City would definitely work for us as well. How does the The New Deck Tavern sound to everyone?

Mmmmm, ribs.

I’m in.

If possible, I need an idea of how many of us there will be by, say, Wednesday. This being on the edge of campus, and a Friday night, I want to give them a heads up for the group that’s coming in.

Friday nights, in general, are great. However, this coming Friday moi and I will be out of town. I’m taking her to an as-yet-undisclosed location for her birthday. I will make it to the next one, I Will , I WILL!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You keep saying that, tdc. :smiley: The two of you have a good time. You’ll be missed, but we’ll expect you two weeks after that!

Dang. Turns out I can’t make it. Yes, this now makes me 0 for 3 on recent Philly gatherings and excursions. Next one in two weeks, you say?

Next one in two weeks, definitely. Not sure where yet (though we should make sure to pick some place with seafood, since I’d forgotten we’re still in Lent! :o)

So, who is in for this week? We need to give New Deck a heads up.

[raises hand] Me me me!

How’s the parking around there?

Street parking is rather iffy but there are a few pay lots nearby. All depends on if the undergrads have driven off for the weekend yet.

The relative I’ve been looking after is going back to Florida this thursday. Obviously, friday or later works for me.

A get together in University City would also give me a chance to visit some friends I haven't seen for several months