Would anyone be up for a small PhillyFest?

I’ve been in Philly for four months, and, other than Verrain, I don’t know any of the Philly Dopers. I’m still planning on having a really big Fest Labor Day weekend for anyone and everyone to come to (look for details around about June or July). But for now… any Philly area Dopers want to get together? I don’t have a particular time in mind… and really, at the moment, I personally don’t have to keep it to weekends, since I’m not working. I do have a few weekends that will be busy within the next month or so, but if someone wants to throw out a couple dates, lets see if we can get something off the ground.

Anyone up for this?

i’ve got sat. morning, sun. afternoon, and mon. afternoon. unless ya want to see a taiko concert.

Saturdays are bad for me, but I could do a Sunday afternoon.

So when do you guys want to do this? We’re free this Sunday… I’m not sure about next Sunday, but possibly. The Sunday after that looks clear, at this point, and then we’re busy for a couple weeks. After that, clear for several weeks.

The next question, of course, is WHERE. :slight_smile:

Miss TP, I’d like to come up for that, too. I’d ALSO like you to sign on to AIM so that I can pick your brain about something.

Mmmm, picky brains.

I’m busy this Sunday (playing with my best friend’s new baby girl!), but one of the next might work out ok.

This Sunday isn’t good (gotta work, boo hiss), but the next one is good – I will arrange my life to be free on the 9th.

Where? I live in East Falls (NW Philly), so center city, Manayunk, Chestnut Hill are all extremely easy for me, or the Main Line – NE Philly is geographically close but mentally another universe, I’d need directions.

You can email me at twickster47@yahoo.com for my IRL info.

Good idea to organize this TruePisces – I need something fun to look forward in the bleak hell that is my life. (See above, “gotta work Sunday,” etc.)

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

Checking at the Franklin Institute I see they have a new IMAX film coming out on Feb 14th about the coral reef (I’m an avid aquarist). Now that would be a bad day to plan something but some day after that could make for a cool trip to the museum, imax show, and a dinner afterwards.

I’m available, sched permitting. I should be okay for Sunday 2/9.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are good for me.

Weekends work for me.

I like the Imax idea.

If someone threw out a date, I’d try to make it. I’m fairly open, but the wife will be booking me soon!

Anywhere in the Delaware Valley would work.

imax sounds good. that would put the date around the 15th or 16th.

Saturdays are always bad for me (my tap class is at 1:30 – it really chops up the day), so I’d vote for Sunday the 16th.

Re: a restaurant – I don’t know that neighborhood that well, so there may be something closer – but there’s a nice place up by the penitentiary…Rembrandts, I think?

The 16th would work for us, too. I can ask around for a good place to eat, whenever we decide to get together. Though I think the weekends would be best to get the most people free (though, until further notice, I’m free during the week if anyone is ever bored and wants to have another impromptu get together).

I’d also like to make sure that wherever we eat is mass-transit accessible, since we’re poor foot travelers over here.

Sunday 16th, or whenever. I’m up for it, as I’m sure Intaglio will be.

We may have to re-think, as we’ll be at Opal’s birthday do in VA on the 15th. We’ll let you know.

Sadly, Sundays never work for me, as I spend them with my daughter. Weekday evenings, or a Saturday are better. Go with what pleases the majority, and if it works, I’ll be there.

How about Sunday the 23rd, Imax plus dinner somewhere close to the Franklin Institute?