Di-hydrogen monoxide is falling from the sky!

What does it mean? I don’t know if I’ve witnessed it before!

Am I being whooshed? Have you really not heard H2O facetiously referred to as DHM?

It means it’s raining.

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

You are too hilarious! Keep up the good show.

I can safely say to the OP that he’s boned, you might as well just run out to the streets and enjoy the feeling of it on your skin before the whole world ends.

Yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I know exactly how you feel. It actually rained today here and I nearly fell over. Quite a downpour too, which was VERY welcome. Now, if it would do that for the next 2 or 3 months we might climb back out of our current drought and perhaps half the state won’t burn down…


Don’t mess around with that stuff - among other things di-hydrogen monoxide is:

  • the #1 component in acid rain!
  • excessive inhalation will cause death!
  • in its solid state it’s so slick it has caused countless fatalities on the road!
  • its gas state is so hot it can cook vegetables in mere minutes!
  • every living creature on this planet has at least a trace amount of DHM in their systems already!

Scary stuff! Stay inside!

As noted above, in some parts of the world it would be *very *good news.

Di-hydrogen monoxide precipitation is in a constant state of impact with my cranium.

Last night, we had a great fall of it accompanied by a spectacular sound and light show that caused me to turn my computer off. This morning, there is a giant fusion reactor in the sky and it is much cooler.

Does this affect the chances of your visual sensory organs turning a shade of crimson?

Don’t get excited! The dangers are overstated. Check out the Material Safety Data Sheet, if you don’t believe me. Although it does list an LD50 (rat) of 90ml/kg. (LD = lethal dose, 50 = 50%)

What kind of weird place do you live in, anyways?

Great, now I gotta get me a Lab coat & safety glasses to be around it??

Well, it is still the principal output of sewage treatment plants, so safety glasses would seem to be in order.

Also note that the pH of a 1% solution (in water) is 7. I wonder if they actually took 1 mL of water and added it to 99 mL of water and measured the pH.

I know! I showered naked in it this morning. Am I going to die?

“Non irritant” to the lungs?

Gosh - from what I’ve read above, I’d say you should go to the Doctor. RIGHT NOW! HURRY!!!11!!

Coincidentally, this week is the first time in about three months that DHMO has stopped falling from the sky in England. In its place there is a strange blue coloration with a glowing yellow blob that hurts your eyes if you try and look at it, and which provokes an unusual sensation of “heat” on the skin. I suspect radiation. It’s scary stuff.

Well, according to your link, it needs to be disposed of properly:

Also, check this out:

Can’t drink?!