Diabetics must remove shoes..?

Question for diabetic dopers out there, or anyone else who may know the answer. I went into the doctor’s office yesterday and as I was sitting there waiting in the room I saw a sign. It said ‘If you’re diabetic, please remove shoes and socks’. That completely threw me for a loop. What’s up with that? Why would having diabetes require one to take off footwear in a doctor’s office?

My Dad has the type of diabetes that you develop as an adult (Type 2??) and as a result has all kinds of problems with his feet. My mum has to massage his feet regularly to help with bad circulation, and his feet are prone to medical problems. I guess at this surgery, the doctor’s are so busy they don’t have time to wait for you to remove the footwear :slight_smile:

Diabetics Should Examine Feet Daily. They’re one of the first thing the doctor will want to examine, hence the reason for removing shoes and socks.