Diablo IV trailer

Blizzard sure knows how to do trailers!
I for one wasn’t a fan of Diablo3 though, or modern games in general. I think they are too generic and hold your hand too much, i fear this will be the case when it comes to gameplay in D4 too… :frowning:

What do you guys think?

Impressive trailer, but I hope they fix the gameplay mistakes they made with D3.

Cinematic looks great, but Blizzard’s always have.

Gameplay did not look inspiring to me. I’m hoping it’s just because it’s super alpha stage, but the itemization still looks way too simplistic to me. That was the largest factor in my distaste for D3, so, definitely worrisome.

Yeah, spot on.

Games like these are essentially just an item hunt I the long run, so why make it so simplistic? I don’t get it. I liked the D2 way of doing many things, like skill trees, items, crafting with runes and the cube, etc.
D3 was just a mess.

Blizzard is going to have to make some changes to the way they conduct their business before I will consider buying another game from them. Bethesda and EA are also on the shit list…

Bethesda just makes crappy games now so they’re easy to boycott. :slight_smile:

It’s not a moral stand to stop eating at the restaurant that consistently gives you food poisoning. :smiley:

As a fairly casual player, I really liked the D3 model of being able to try different combinations on the fly. Having something less railroady would be nice, though.

That trailer was the most terrifying game trailer I’ve ever seen, though. Well done.

Also fairly casual, and I’m looking forward to it.

Yeah, the change to how leveling works in D3 (compared to D2) really bugged me - even more so when they copied it over to WoW. Mechanically, I don’t like games that make me “equip” abilities. If I know how to throw an ax, I should know how to throw an ax. I shouldn’t have to “forget” how to throw an ax if I want to do a leap attack instead. It’s maybe a silly thing to care about, but it’s something that pretty consistently kills my interest in a game.

I also found the trying combinations on the fly thing to be annoying. It made it feel, to me, like my choices didn’t matter. It’s one thing to have a limited number of respecs, like D2 (eventually) had, so you can fix a mistake, but I don’t like builds being something you change as casually as clothes.

And one thing I really find annoying, in any game, is enemies leveling as I do. It basically makes leveling completely meaningless. I should be able to go back to low-level areas and say “Woo-hoo, I can kick these Fallens’ butts! Why did I ever have to run from large groups of them?”. I mean, I wouldn’t want to spend all of my playtime doing that, but I should be able to.

It’s not silly to try to dive into the game/story/theme or whatever you wanna call it. Why bother have lore, cool graphics, cool monsters, etc, if, in the end, it’s all about mechanics?

Mechanics is obviously one of the most important aspects of game making, if not THE most important aspect. But it should be incorporated as a natural part of the theme, or the designers have failed. Unlearn something to learn something else is just bad game design in this case. If the characters were robots with limited harddrive space or whatever it would make more sense to have these types of mechanics…

IHMO :slight_smile:

1+2) Agree, again, we have the case of mechanics that kills the theme. Boo! This seems to be the case with a lot of games these days; It’s more important to hold the player’s hand, like they are spoiled little children, than focus on mechanics that go well with the theme. :mad: In the case of spoiled little children, we need less of them, not more, so FFS stop promoting the behavior.