Diablo 3 - 2.5 months later.

Well, I think I’ve reached the point where I’m going to uninstall the game. I got my moneys worth out of it but am highly disappointed in the pitiful end game. The only people playing it now are people who have been grinding since launch, so they are only buying the most perfect gear and anything that is “good” is left to rot on the AH. I’ve been lvl 60 since late May I think and only play a few hours a week now at most and it’s just not enough time to try to win the lotto. Prices in the AH on useful gear have gone so high that the casual player just cannot earn enough gold to buy any improved gear anymore and the “good gear” that I do find may sell for 40-80k (which was good back in the first month after launch) but that doesn’t even allow me to sniff the taint of a decent 1kdps+ 1h weapon, even though there are 1000’s of them to choose from on the AH.

I did get my monies worth, but it was not satisfying at all and I’m definitely let down by the game, including the amazingly slow reaction time by Blizzard to patch the grossly damaged itemization in this game. I’m not on the Official Forums or Gamefaqs complaining about the game, but I wanted to say something somewhere because I’m just let down. I’ll uninstall the game to keep myself from burning off an hour here, 30min there, doing a couple goblin runs even if it does only add up to 4-5hours total a week because it just doesn’t get me anywhere.

Is anyone here even still playing? The fact that there is little to no traffic on this board regarding Diablo 3 when D2 had new threads every few months is telling.

I stopped playing in June. I think I got to level 32 or something. The game was boring as hell.

I really don’t get the whole “end game” complaint.

It’s an ACTION RPG. It’s not an MMO. You got a guy up to level 60 and were still playing… that’s how many hours? 20, 30, 40? More?

How the hell is that disappointing?

Please explain it to me. I’ve never personally been disappointed by a game that lasted me tens and tens of hours. I tend to stop playing a disappointing game a few hours in at most. The last call of duty: texture swap, THAT was disappointing.

This was an extensive game, with flaws, for sure, but the mechanics were solid, and it was FUN. Heck, it provided me with more fun than the last Dragon Age fiasco.

I really, really don’t get it. It seems to be the same idiotic complain coming from everyone hating on this game.

“Diablo 3 sucks after 120 hours it gets a bit repetative, you know?”

What did you expect, exactly? Blizzard boothbabes to come to your house and blow you while you played the game?

Stopped playing a couple weeks ago after I finished leveling my third lvl 60 character. I won’t say I didn’t get my money’s worth, but as far as end game goes you’re exactly right: this game doesn’t have one. Grind mobs for gear just so you can grind mobs for gear faster? What moron thought that would make a satisfying game experience?

Maybe I wouldn’t have stuck around longer if Blizzard had actually done a balance pass on the talents so that each class would have more than one or two viable builds in inferno. The fact that 2.5 months later they STILL haven’t done it is a sad testament to how far their company has declined.

You know what, you guys are right.

You know what else sucked?

Max Payne. What the hell is up with THAT end game? I mean, watching credits rolling is not MY idea of fun.

And what about the end game for Batman, Arkham City? Who the hell wants to spend their time searching for trophies all over the place?

Trash games, all of them. When are developers going to design an action game that lasts and remains fresh for 700 hours? What the hell is so hard about that?

Truly an impressive argument.

D2 was built around, and thrived, on it’s end game grind. It’s what gave the game it’s longevity. This is the direct sequel to that game. It’s end game sucks and when that’s what the main fan base wanted is a disappointment. I’d almost liken it to the thrashing Drgon Age 2 took because it wasn’t the same as the first one.

It’s about expectations.

Diablo 3 was marketed as a game that was going to have an extensive end-game, driven by the Real Money Auction House. It didn’t live up to that expectation.

There’s nothing wrong with being disappointed in a game that didn’t live up to its own hype.

The auction house has only been fully functional for a short time. They finally released the patch that allowed commodities to sell on the RMAH, what, three weeks ago? I checked it out briefly, but wasn’t impressed. I love the concept of people buying and selling game items, but the magic formula hasn’t been nailed just yet.

I’ll start playing again when the expansion comes out. I feel like I’ve “beaten” the vanilla game.

I still play about an hour a week. I can’t really define why I don’t find it more compelling. It could be the crappy drops or the failure of crafting or a thousand different things. I just can’t care about it, for some reason. Maybe I’m just aging out of gaming :eek:. There’s also something from the first two games that’s missing, some atmospheric element or story feature that seems out of whack.

I’m pinning my last gaming hopes on Guild Wars 2 and will probably uninstall D3 when that arrives.

So, wait, the OP is disappointed on the one hand that gear that’s anything less than perfect just rots away on the auction house for lack of anyone to buy it, and on the other hand that there’s no good gear available on the auction house for him to buy? How can both of these be true simultaneously? Just go buy yourself some of this slightly-less-than-perfect gear that’s sitting around rotting.

As someone else touched on already, expectations.

I played D2 for 10 years and probably 1,000+ hours.

I played D3 for 1 month and maybe 50-60 hours before I could no longer stomach it.

So much that people loved about D2 was ripped out, beaten bloody, and then laid to rest 6 feet under.

Well, they do get to patch D3, don’t they?

I doubt I got 20 hours out of it.

I beat the game, and that was that. I have not once had any interest in playing it again.

20 hours isn’t much by the standards of it PC game releases.

I probably played it for over 100 hours and got a WD and Barb to inferno Act 4. I stopped playing weeks ago though and haven’t gone back, partly because I’ve been working 60+ hour weeks but mostly because of the lack of a fun endgame. The wonderfully addictive grind of D2 is just not there and don’t give me the ‘rose tinted glasses’ counter-argument because I was playing D2 right up to the day of D3’s release.

Having said that I consider 50p/hour to be excellent value for money when it comes to games and even if I never touch it again I still consider it money well spent.

So what exactly is so different form D2 and D3’s “End game”?

I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or serious K. If serious have you played a char to 60 and spent time in inferno? If not then, frankly, you don’t have any real experience worth bringing to this conversation.

I’m out, completely. I put in probably 150 hours between two characters, but I have zero desire to ever start the program again. The game just isn’t tuned correctly.

Since entering Inferno, not one single upgrade has dropped for me. Every single item I have equipped has been purchased. And with the economy so broken, it would take roughly 20 hours to build up enough gold to buy an upgrade on the AH. Probably another 150 hours to get enough upgrades to notice a difference. I can’t see any reason to invest the time into that when the reward is just some bigger numbers behind the scenes.

It can be true if the less than perfect gear is outrageously overpriced.


Everyone is pricing all gear at mega high prices in the hopes of catching up enough gold to be able to afford the gear they need. Problem is that very little of it sells so we are all stuck in the same cycle. This is why you see 100’s or 1000’s of nearly the exact same item sitting on the AH for millions and millions of gold. Nobody wants to pay M’s of gold for 80% gear because they are looking for 100% gear that costs 10’s or 100’s of M gold to buy.

I don’t even find things that I could sell on the AH at all to be honest, though I did sell some piece a month ago or so for 1M.