Diablo 3 Patch 1.05 is live now.

Not sure if everyone moved on or not. Pretty big patch with lots of changes and features. Can’t find notes to link to. Will report back after I play it for bit. This is the last hurah for me until the xPac if things don’t improve.

I only played it a bit before I lost track (until around the start of Act III on normal difficulty). The part I’d played was never really hard, but it looks like my wizard will have a few buffs waiting for him in case I want to come back to the game at least long enough to wrap up normal difficulty.

I gave up on the game when I couldn’t play through Inferno without spending 100’s of hours (or dollars) getting the uber gear needed. Just wanted to subscribe to the thread and see what’s new and how the game is now. The biggest thing I’d be looking for is new content, but I assume this is still Blizzard patching stuff to fix the end game.

There’s some new content: Apparently now there are occasional random events that take you through a portal to a fight with a tag-team of souped-up bosses, and defeating these teams gives you pieces of a new legendary item. There’s also the new “monster power” mechanic, though I’m not sure if you’d classify that as “content” or not.

Played 5 min in hardcore. Graphics settings changed for some reason.

Also, the hardcore AH economy has radically changed. It’ll be interesting to see how the in-game economy reacts to the changes. It’s already affected the arbitrage in crafting materials and gems.

Wow. HArd to believe a Diablo thread died this fast on the SDMB…

Anyway, the drops are definitely much better. I’ve gotten 2 legendaries in the last day (4 runs of act 1, monster power 2). The rares seem to be rolling better as well.

Anyone else playing this thing?

They’re not really random. To fight the tag-team ubers you need to farm keys from special elites of which there is one in each act.

I downloaded the patch but had given my ipod (with the authenticator) to my wife to take to work :smack:, so I just played Guild Wars 2 all day :wink:

I’ll probably check it out within the next few days. The increased/better drops is what I’m most interested in, and some of the monster difficulty changes. The new elite mobs sound nice but I’m guessing that I’m nowhere near being able to tackle them. They sound like they’re designed for players that can beat inferno and are looking for additional challenge.

Even if drops are somewhat better I’ve a feeling it’s just going to be too much grinding for too little gain. I’m sure I’ll go back and play it but at this point I’m sick of D3, especially act 1 and the first half of act 2, which is all I could get through on inferno previously. Besides I picked up GW2 about 3-4 weeks ago, and I’m only around 25% complete (shooting for all the exploration stuff).


If they were serious about improving Diablo 3, they’d have come out with a patch back in May, or possibly June.

October’s far too late; with the exception of the hardcore D3 nerds, everyone else has moved on to games that don’t stink like a dumpster in July.

They did come out with patches in May and June.

A case of “too little, too late” for me. What turns me off Diablo 3 was the grind and unsatisfying rewards. I heard it’s better now, but TL2 has my attention. While skills in D3 are more interesting, and the graphics more polished, TL2 has the better game-play…

Still sucked. That game was the biggest waste of $50 that I’ve made in a very long time. I got more playability out of $15 Xbox Arcade games than what amounted to a boring as shit remake of Diablo II, down to having the same sound effects.

I might try the game again for the new difficulty slider. One thing that always bothered me is that you had to play the game through 2½ times just to get to any challenging parts in hardcore mode. I imagine I’ll probably put it too high and get myself killed, though.

Well, this is one of those ‘to each their own’ type thingies. I like D3, at least until I got to Inferno level and the difficulty ramped up to Ludicrous Speed. My main disappointment was that they didn’t come up with a DLC with new content quickly while the game still interested me…but I played several characters up to max level and to at least the first act of Inferno before I called it quits, so in my case I’d say I got my moneys worth out of the game. MMV of course.

Just played a little bit with Shijinn last night in A3 Inferno…I actually had to work a little harder than I usually had to with my DH because Shijinn had picked a higher monster power level (I don’t remember which level though, I pretty much tagged along and we took out Azmodan and I actually got an amulet upgrade out of it. Nice.

A few undocumented changes:
Lorebooks are now light blue (like potions and tomes), instead of green.
A lot of chat text is now different colors.
Auction house notifications (like getting outbid on an item, or selling something) now show up in your chat, even when you’re not in the auction house.
Picking up a lorebook will still play the audio of it, but it won’t automatically open up the lore window so you can read the text.
Particle effects on weapons are now significantly advanced. My fire-damage axe, for instance, now looks like it’s a huge torch.

So I finally got “The Drop”.

So after playing since launch and not really getting anything I could sell for mega bucks (gold that is) I finally had one go my way tonight. Not sure how to take a picture or link to the item here but:

The Wailing Host Ring
208 STR
31 VIT
69 AR
227 Life Regen
4.5 Crit Chance
3% Elite Damage

I put it up on the AH for a boatload because I have many other areas that are sorely lacking that this will help fund but if I can’t sell it for a ton it’s still and awesome ring that I can actually wear and use long term.

Here’s the general page for that item. It looks like vit + more str and AR (arcane resistance?) were your two random properties, and they’re both useful things to have, though 31 vit isn’t all that much.

All Resist. And a very high All Resist at that. Very nice ring. I should be able to get between 100-200M gold if I take my time and let it ride.