Diablo 3 question thread

Intended for questions you may have about the game that hopefully some of the other posters can answer. Please don’t post complaints or gripes about D3 (online for single player!??! RAGE!!!), take it to another thread.
I have found some items that I’m not sure what to do with
Gibbering Gem (don’t remember where I found this). Seems to be a reference to the “chat gem” of Diablo 2.
Black Mushroom (found in act 1). Description says it belongs to Leah’s mom but she doesn’t bring it up in any of the conversation options.
Leoric’s Shinbone (also found in act 1).
various pages of a “Black Rock Ledger”, all found near a ship in the deserts of act 2. I have pages 4 and 15. I’m guessing if you find all of the pages you can get into the ship? How many pages are there?
Wirt’s Bell (Purchased from an act 2 vendor for 100k)

I have heard references to a “Pony level”. Is this real? Is it similar to the cow level in D2? Are any of the above items used to activate it?

Hopefully someone who has unlocked it will be able to answer your question more specifically, but yes, there is a secret level, and I believe the items you found are all requirements for unlocking it.

I have been there. To say that the Pony level is similar to the cow level in D2 is a bit of an understatement. It defies description, really.

Here’s my question - is there some kind of guide available to understand average DPS/stats for items? I find stuff, and I think it’s significantly better than standard, but I don’t know for sure because I’m not really familiar with what optimum damage levels would be at, say level 15 or 25. I don’t want to try to sell crap.


You still need the Liquid Rainbow (sometimes found in the Mysterious Cave, which sometimes spawns as a side-dungeon in Dalghur Oasis), and the Plans: Staff of Herding (sometimes dropped by Izual) in order to make the Staff of Herding, which opens up access to Whimsyshire.

There is no known use for the Black Rock Ledger pages, but they’re a reference to the TV show Lost. Apparently, the page numbers are the combination of some locked door from the show. It’s also possible that they’re related to the Splintered Oar, a magic “sword” that occasionally shows up in Wortham in Hell difficulty, which also has no known use.

olivesmarch4th, the best you can do at present is search the Auction House for other items with similar level requirements. Unfortunately, this just tells you what people are selling, not what they’re buying. Still, though, there’s no cost for putting up an auction that fails, so if you’re not sure, it can’t hurt.

Ok thanks for the Whimsyshire info!

I thought of a couple more questions
What is that great Jewel that Shen is constantly on about? Does it exist in the game? Who is Shen? You get the impression that he’s very very old and is a god in disguise but he flatly denies it. Is his backstory explained anywhere besides some hints in his conversations?

Is it worth it to raise weapon smithing the whole way? I found it useful up to some point early in nightmare mode, then it seemed like I could find better gear myself with some patience. Now I have nearly a full stash tab of crafting supplies that I’ve barely touched.

Why is the damage calculation system so different for hirelings? With my monk’s rings and ammys, the order seems to go: direct damage has the most effect, followed by attack speed, followed by dexterity. With the Templar, rings and ammys that increase str seem to give him more of a boost than direct damage. Attack speed doesn’t seem to matter as much with him. Kind of strange.

What do achievement points do? When I unlock an achievement it gives me a certain amount of them, but what do you do with them? If the answer is “nothing”, I most likely won’t bother to try for them all, some look like they’re quite hard to get.

Right now crafting is an inefficient use of your gold, but it might become worthwhile after it gets a tweak in patch 1.03 coming later this month.

The description of the jewel sounds a lot like a soulstone, but no, it doesn’t exist in the game. And you can get some more information about Shen by replaying with different characters: He gives different conversations for different classes. So far I’ve learned

It was Shen himself who created Dirgest’s Jewel, and trapped Dirgest within it (from conversations with the Demon Hunter). And Dirgest wasn’t a god; this was before the gods (from conversations with the wizard). Which, if both are true, kind of implies…

Achievement points are nothing but a way of keeping track of how many achievements you have. Some are very difficult, some are easy if you actually make an effort at them, some you’ll get accidentally, and a few are currently completely impossible due to bugs. Many achievements also unlock options for customizing your banner, if that’s worth anything to you, but that’s on a case-by-case basis, not based on the points.

I have a couple of questions.

First, at what point do you HAVE TO upgrade your armor? I have a set of bracers with 80+ Vitality and 40+ Dexterity and a few other traits as well, but they are only armour level 69. Most of my other stuff is level 90+, but I can’t find any bracers that come close to replacing the lower armour ones.

Second, who is going to use the real money AH? I checked out some stuff there last night and my chin hit the floor. Is anybody really going to pay $220 USD for one piece of armour? Not a full set but just the chest plate? There may be more stupid people than I originally thought.

I was wearing low level armor with good vit/str into inferno without much of a problem. As for your second question, lots of people apparently. I sold 45$ worth of my old gear and a weapon. I didn’t do it for profit, I did it for a battle.net balance. Now if I feel the urge to purchase something I can without using my own money.

As for Whimsyshire if anyone wants the achieve just add me in game I have the staff up to hell mode but can do any of them other than inferno.

ETA: Do not make the same stupid mistake I did, I farmed multiple items thinking each staff needed the items. You only need one of each to make the initial staff, then from that point just buying the recipe and paying gold upgrades the staff.

Shouldnt this be the Diablow thread?

That depends a lot on your character. If you’re good at avoiding getting hit, then armor won’t do anything for you. If it helps, consider the armor value of the item to be exactly equivalent to +Str on an item, since, for anyone but a barbarian (I assume you’re a Demon Hunter or Monk), that’s all that Str is. Also, when you’re comparing an item in your inventory with one you’re wearing, the defense modifier it lists considers all three defenses (Str/armor, Int/resists, and Dex/dodge), so that can give you an idea of what you’re missing out on.

No, that would be the gripes thread. As the title implies, gripes about the game belong there. So do terrible puns. :stuck_out_tongue:


There is already a thread for complaints about Diablo 3. If you wish to complain about it feel free to post here. Please keep the discussion in this thread to the questions asked by the OP; derailing threads is not permitted in the Game Room.



Ok, new question. Where are the best places for gold farming in Nightmare/Hell?

I’m playing a monk, going through act 2 in hell right now, and I can say this: Armor is probably the last stat I look at when deciding what to use or scrap. I am looking for DEX and VIT first and foremost on most of my armor pieces, and armor value isn’t something I really take into consideration. I’ve passed up armors which add 100+ AC in favor of ones that increase my Dex/Vit/Damage.
That said, higher end items do tend to have more AC as you progress, so my AC is increasing, just not as much as if I focused on that instead of the other stats.

I don’t think there’s a set answer to this - I think the answer is “whatever the highest level area is that you can clear without any/many deaths,” though it might be “whatever the highest level area is that you can clear without slowing down.”

Just to second this. I’m in Act I Hell with a Barbarian and I recently spent money at the Gold House to double my chest armor. It did not affect my AC much at all. I think the attributes really do matter the most. For me it’s Vitality.

Maybe it’s just me, but Vitality is a key modifier for everybody at higher levels, at least on hardcore. You can always run away or just slowly slog through an area. But to do that, you need to actually survive.

At this point, I’ve got half Purple/half-Green gems equipped on my gear (Monk) and will favor +Vit gear, if it only slightly decreases attack or defense stats compared to other gear.

Not sure at what point it occurs, but at the higher difiiculty levels Resist All becomes incredibly inportant. I saw numbers that for the final acts of inferno, you need at least 800 in resists.