Diablo 3, patch 2.0

So, the new patch is out, and according to the patch notes, there are a ton of changes. First we need to make a community. Maybe even a clan. So, who’s going to be playing? What do you think of making a SDMB clan? (I think it’s a no-brainer that we make a SDMB community, and this thread can be where we organize that.)

There is still a thread about the upcoming expansion pack. It can be found here : Are you going to play Diablo III: Reaper of Souls?
This thread is about the (free, unavoidable) patch, not the expansion pack.

Yup, I’m in. I’m NoPepper#1812.

Still down for maintenance. However, one thing that I found out that I could and needed to do was download the new launcher. Exit out of D3 completely after downloading the patch, then restart it and you’ll start downloading the new launcher (yeah, it kinda tells you this when you’re downloading the patch, but I didn’t realize that you need to exit and restart D3.)

I might get to play it briefly tonight, but it’s looking like after work tomorrow.

I’m in too. CMosier513.

There’s no reason we couldn’t make a clan and a community.

OK, I played for about 20 minutes. Here are my impressions.

Pre-patch I had all 5 characters at lvl 60, most at very low paragon levels, except for my barb, who was at paragon lvl 43. Unbuffed she did ~180k damage, and could get up to about 700k dmg with all of his buffs. She farmed keys at MP7 and did Ubers at MP3.

Post-patch she is paragon lvl 55. I did a quick “key” run at Torment lvl 1 where I killed ~3 ubers/mobs before I found the KW. I didn’t get any NV, so I went ahead and killed the KW and got a key. I’d say that Torment lvl1 is about on par with MP4.
Normally on a run like that I’d get ~40 blues and ~10 yellows. I only got ~10 blues and ~5 yellows. However, one of those yellows had better stats on all 3 areas than the boots that I was wearing (IK boots that I had recently upgraded).
Pre-patch, I’d estimate that the chances of me finding something better than what I was using to be about 1 in a million. Post-patch, I found one on a partial key run.
While there are way fewer drops, those drops are way WAY better.

I’d be interested in the SDMB clan as well - Kyrios#1953. I haven’t played in quite a while (last summer, maybe), but I was planning on coming back for Reaper of Souls anyways, so I’m probably going to be checking out the 2.0 patch stuff over the next couple of days. I’ve got a 60 DH and monk in normal, a 60 DH in hardcore, and several other classes across various levels… not too much in the way of paragon levels, though, since most of my initial playing was before they put them in (and last summer I was spending most of my time on HC chars).

I’d love to join in! Listycake#1807. Haven’t logged in in forever, but I’ll have some more free time in April.

Today ended up being a snow day, but I got caught up doing other stuff.
My first keyrun yesterday got a key, despite there no longer being NV. However, the next 3 have not. The only info that I can find is about the beta where they say that the keydrop rate is 100%, but probably only for the beta. Furthermore, it seems that there are now 4 keys (but from the same guys in the same places), 4 portals for 4 different body parts.

So I guess I’ll start farming the act4 KW because I have ~7 each of the other 3 keys already, and the Act1 key that I got fit in with my others. So it seems the old keys will work, but probably not the mismatched set of body parts.

[Break to test something…] I just used the blacksmith to make an IM out of one of my old keysets (3 keys), so maybe they didn’t do the radically different IM.

If anybody can find any real info on the new Infernal Machine (“IM” AKA “ubers”) please share it here.

Just used an IM on Torment 1. It took forever to kill the Siegebreaker and Zoltan Kulle (sp?), but I didn’t die (I distributed my skills more for defense, since I used to be kind of a glass cannon (for a barb, anyway)). I got 1 blue and 3 yellows and some gold. No body part.

Finished the uber run. Got a total of 10 yellows and 2 blues and some gold but nothing else. I’m 0/3 for getting body parts at Torment 1.

I seem to recall one of the PTR patches saying that the body part drop rate was set to 25% on Torment 1, up to 50% at the max Torment level. I could be pulling that completely out of my ass, though. :slight_smile:

Kiros is correct. I found this on the battle.net message board:

Torment I: 25%
Torment II: 28%
Torment III: 33%
Torment IV: 38%
Torment V: 43%
Torment VI: 50%

Legacy keys can only be used to make the lvl 60 version of the hellfire ring…different keys drop at level 70 and they can’t be crossed

I played for a few hours tonight with an IRL friend, and then Yetirex came and joined us. So far, I like the new patch, in only a few hours I actually found new items that were better then I had, including 2 legendary, when I had only found one legendary in all the time I played before this. So far, I like this patch better then I liked the game when I quit playing a few months after release.

I’ll be playing more as my schedule permits, mostly after 10pm EST. Ruck, I see you started the SDMB clan, I sent you a request to join, please accept it.

See y’all in game!

So far, I am liking the new patch, except for one thing:


Why they decided not to provide an option for text/no text for gold drives me nuts because the gold can be hidden underneath a plethora of dead bodies, so you have to run around the dead bodies to make sure you pick it up…OR find gear that will give you a great gold/potion pickup radius. Gold is not as plentiful as before, but a lot of crafting and gem prices went way down.

My DH, Apology Girl, can pretty much tank now in TORMENT I with a combination of increased VIT (belt and off-hand) and 2 pieces of gear that bring her discipline up to 61. With Caltrops, Smoke Screen, and Rapid Fire Grenades, everything mobby dies relatively quickly before they can get a hit in. I might have to move around a little with the elites, but much less than before the patch.

Rucks…invite me to your clan!

I agree about the gold text - that’s really annoying. I’m currently leveling up some new characters, and don’t really need to go out of my way to pick up 16 gold - but it’d be nice in the future to know if there’s a big 10,000 pile when I’m playing on higher difficulty levels.

The clan is “SDMB”, Yeticus, you can send in an invite. Rucks accepted me this morning or last night. Anyone know what the benefits of a clan are, other than seeing who’s online for MP? Will there be a clan stash or anything?

I’ll give it a whirl. I’m Tapioca#1472. At least I think that’s pretty close, I’m at work right now.

Yeah, if there are a bunch of other people coming back, I guess I will, too. Installing now, probably won’t be actually playing until tonight.

I think it’s so you don’t realize how crappy the gold drops are now. I used to get 2000 and 3000 drops from regular guys all the time. Now it’s in the 2- and 3-digit range.

True. I wish I hadn’t spent all of my gold upgrading gems before the patch.

One price that went way up is removing gems. It’s not as cheap to swap gems around just to calculate their effectiveness.

Not only did I add you, but I just promoted you (and some others) so that you can add others, etc. when I’m not there.

5 of us clansmen did a couple Uber runs (1 had to leave so we swapped him out). We did the first at T1 and it was pretty easy, so we started the next at T4 (because we have the option of dropping it down without losing the IM).

That did not go so well. We dropped it to T3 and, it took a while, but we finished it without too much trouble. I got no parts on the first run and 1 part on the 2nd.

I think we each got at least 1 legendary, though.