Diablo 3 Patch 1.05 is live now.

Oh, if that’s All Res, then yeah, that’s worth a mint.

Can someone explain the Auction House bidding to me?

After a few items I was bidding for, it seems that my bid was “too low” to be accepted even though I was bidding the next suggested bid. I was then told to refresh my search and re-bid again, which again was “too low”. Am I right to assume that there is some sort of “sealed bidding” going on? It seems to be quite a waste of time re-bidding, getting refused, tabbing over to the completed auction tab to collect the gold returned from failed bid and back over to refresh and re-bid again until you hit a bid that is accepted.

Is this system done to foil last second bidders to swoop in and get the item?

What is your best method for successful bidding with the least amount of headaches?

Unless you’re shopping for really high end gear, I only purchase Buy It Now priced items. The market does a pretty decent job of self-correcting. Maybe others have had better experience - I’m eager to hear others’ responses.

Yeah, that “self-correcting” I hear of…I am interested in what happens there as well…

Um, I just meant that for gear that’s lower priced, there’s enough quantity for the market to correct itself - which it absolutely does. The high end gear is too rare to truly cement market prices. So if you’re not searching for stuff with an Auto Purchase price, you’re probably adding a whole lot of extra work, frustration and inefficiency to your search.

You might be right there, Munch…but I do like to know what is out there with or without the buyout price. Especially with my Monk…I was picking up some VERY cheap armor without buyout prices that had both Physical and All Resists so I can use the One with Everything passive skill. Everything you see there (with both of those resists) was between 3k-50k…half of those were without the buyout. Maybe I had such a good experience gearing him up that way, I assumed it would be easy pickings for my other toons. I had a little success here and there, but nothing came close to my monk…granted that gear isn’t top notch, but some of them have some serious resists values (plus dex).

There is a hidden bidding system in place. When you bid for an item, it sets that as the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for that item. It’ll automatically raise the price for you up to that price as other people bid. You don’t necessarily need to actually pay the amount you set as your bid.

if I bid 10 million and you bid 100k, I would win the item for a bit over 100k in the end. It’ll show the current bid as being a bit over 100k at the time though, as no one else has gone above that yet.

Right, when you get the “your bid was not high enough” message, it means that you’ve just raised the price that somebody else is paying. It’s equivalent to your bid going through, and then the other bidder’s new bid immediately going through higher than yours.

And if you’re patient, you can get some amazing deals by sifting through the items with no buyout price. What I do when I want some new item, is I’ll set filters such that I’ll be happy with anything that fits through, and then I go through the whole list of everything that has no buyout (or a ludicrously high one) and a very low current bid price (often, just the vendor value, and I never go more than half the price of the cheapest buyouts in my filter). If I don’t win any, I try again next time I log on. If I win more than one, I pick out the one I like the best, and then re-list the rest with buyout prices a few times what I paid for them, which ends up paying me back more than what I spend on the items I keep.

Ok…thanks all for the explanation…I thought I had some sort of bug regarding the AH.

Just sold that ring for 100M. :slight_smile:

Biggest sale by far and more gold than I’ve had by like 80M

So far agreeing with you. I haven’t played D3 since the first major patch came out. I was having lots of fun with my barbarian up until Act III of Hell. Then it would take me forever just to take out one pack of elites and I’d have to quit the game before I even reached the next save point. My husband insists I should try again, but I haven’t been feeling it.

I’ve really enjoyed TL2 so far, in particular the items just seem more interesting. Unlike D3 I actually pick up things that are useful. I also like the way attributes are distributed.

I just got my first set drop last night while farming for the uber bosses. Immortal King’s chest with 80 all resist and a good strength roll and bonus armor. However the vitality roll was low and I got ignore durability loss. Similar items seem to be going for 60-70M, but I’m wearing it for now.

I’ve been playing this afternoon and I noticed something new (at least I never saw this before). I’m finding some items with a higher level requirement than item level. I got some Item Level 52 shoulders that require level 57. The required level used to be one less than the item level unles the item level was >61 or unless there was an Item Level Reduction mod.

Something new that I noticed in the past couple days was a Fleeting shrine, that gives you faster movement and a larger pickup radius. (It seems to make you ID items faster, too.)

… I also found a voodoo mask that doesn’t’ show the item level, but it requires 57. Also, when I alt-tab away from D3 to type this up it will tell me that I was AFK. I’m guessing that it tells others the same thing.

I noticed that, too, but it works even without the shrine. I guess Blizzard figured out it was pointless to have such long ID times.

I’m actually kind of curious why you need to ID an item at all. It’s nearly trivial to hope back to town if you want to do it safely, anyway, and unlike D2 you don’t need to save Cain in A1 to ID things for you for free.

Just decided to take a crack at beating Inferno after giving up months ago. Tore thru Act 4 in about 20 minutes and never died. Of course that was baseline, MP 0 but at least I beat it.

I’ve got 120M now.

They have definitely improved things by making it easier to find legendaries on drop. I REALLY want the damn IK Chest piece but don’t want to give up half my gold for one.

Yeah, it got nerfed pretty hard a couple months ago. Act 1 monster level 1 is basically the same difficulty as Act 4 though, so there’s a lot of room for more difficult challenges if you don’t get bored.

It used to be that rares and legendaries took 2 seconds to ID, but they changed it so rares only take 1, but legendaries take 4. As for why have the mechanic at all, they’ve said that the idea is like unwrapping presents at Christmas, so you can get excited over the item twice, once when you find it and then again when you unwrap it.

The patch changed how item levels work. The armor and damage, for armor and weapons respectively are based on the item level. However, the magical affixes and level requirement are based on the level of the monster that dropped it. This means most non-weapon rares have a chance to be worth something in inferno.

Instead of starting a new thread, I’ll post here.

I just found my first set item (and I’ve put in a lot of hours and found 5 - 10 legendaries). It looks like a doozy. Inna’s Reach diabo.

1279 DPS
238 Str
323 Dex
178 Vit
11% IAS