Should I get the Diablo 2 warchest?

Is it worth it?
If it isn’t, please reccomend another online computer game.

Yes. You should.

But better yet, Neverwinter Nights. Diablo on steriods. And you can create your own dungeons.

Don’t think so…

A new patch is coming up for Diablo II (though the community has been waiting for six months already) which will include many revolutnary changes to the game. Right now the game is sort-of lame, so hang on till more news about the latest v1.10 patch is out.

Well, I like Diablo.

I mostly solo in public games and play with friends, though.

Bnet has also been extremely irregular for the past few months, due to DOS attacks, cheats, and hacks. I have a lot of time invested in D2, but have put it on hold until v1.10.

I could be waiting awhile.

I was under the impression that they weren’t going to patch the game again.

Don’t get it- Blizzard ruined the game with LoD (and the subsequent 1.06 patch for regular DII.)

Unless you enjoy aimlessly right clicking and playing the same areas over, and over and over…(Cow Level and the beginning of the Barb act which I forgot it’s name).

Everyone is a Sorceress, and while I made 5 lvl 80 “obscure” characters- Paladins, Spear Amazons, etc. They don’t stand a chance against a hostile, TPing Sorc who wants all the exp for herself.

The non-English speaking players (or those pretending not to understand English) are total assholes. Especially Koreans. A lot of them, anyway.

Of course I was never in a clan in D2. I’d reccommend you joining one if you do get the game.

My interest in Diablo II is starting to wane. Then Again, I’ve been playng for about 2 1/2 years. It’s very fun, addictive, fairly easy once you learn the ropes. If you have any interest in fantasy-related gaming, heavy on the action, light on the roleplaying, it’s worth the $40.00 for the Battle Chest, IMHO.


Agreeded, LoD wasn’t such a great expanison. The Druid’s elemental tree is broken, Act V is as good as ‘free experience’, runic items are broken (at leas tthey are disabled) and the balance is all screwed up.

Apparently v1.10 is going to come out and many hope it is the patch to ends all patch. But seeing that Blizzard is now engrossed with other stuff (Ghost, Frozen Throne…) I don’t think their heart is with D2 much.

How will the patch improve it?

1.10 has been “coming out soon” for a year now. It’ll never be. I think D2 is an awsome game, lots of fun. I thought the exp was great as well. IF you have never played D2 then get the chest. Its a fun game. Even if you go online with all the cheaters and hackers its fun. Just don’t trust anyone and you will e njoy.

I’ve played D2 once. You’re right about not trusting anyody. As soon as I hit lvl 10(or whatever lvel pking is allowed) this guy from my group that was 10 lvls ahead of me told me that as soon I left the twon, he was killing me.

The patch is supposed to:

o Add new monster variety to Act V
o Balance the classes.
o Rework the entire system so that mods are easily to make
o Re-enable Runewords
o Change the Ladder structure.

I will suggest you try Dungeon Siege (pure hack and slash mayhem) or Neverwinter Nights…but an expanison is coming out for Neverwinter, so if you wait a year…or two you may be able to get both as a package at a cheaper price :slight_smile:

For everything you need about d2 -

I recommend buying it and playing only with people you know. The patch has been pending for easily over a year now. As is, I only play with others when I’m leveling/rushing a character, or in the extremely rare occasion of when one of my friends is online to magicfind.

The cheating that goes on in Bnet is so absurdly ridiculous that you’re virtually guaranteed of either playing with someone who hacks all their pieces (or makes one so hacked that they could solo diablo in hell with a cracked dagger and an ethereal cracked cap in an 8-player game) or uses one of the many other hacks (maphack, mephbot, pindlebot, etc.). And that’s not even getting into Ith weapons, duped items, items that don’t technically spawn in the game (+7 skills small charm, anyone), etc.

It’s a pity, because IMHO it’s a damn fine game. But what’s happened to it has made it a lot less fun for those of us who don’t hack or cheat.

Hmm… Neverwinter Nights… I own it. In fact, I bought it within two days of its release. It’s still sitting there, on my desk, pristine… and I don’t play it. I keep telling myself that I will.

Should I? I played for about an hour. The system, for some reason, got on my nerves (though that may be a fluke). It felt too limited and too constrained (though I realize that’s what the D&D system is).

Should I try to get into it?

My hubby and I enjoy Diablo but we only play on the local LAN.

Neverwinter Nights sucked until we got new video cards. Now we’ve had some fun with it :slight_smile:

What I loathed was Dungeon Siege gaaak

Right now though we are addicted to Galactic Battlegrounds, Clone Campaigns. Much fun and you get a bit of variety playing what we call “blind random”

Waiting on Masters of Orion.

News came out today that the 1.10 patch is complete and is in the final run-through. From :

::sigh:: D2… how I miss it! I used to play on “closed” bnet servers with my SDMB friends and it was a blast. I never played “open” bnet with strangers so I can’t vouch for the assholishness of the general population there.

I’d say it’s worth it. I haven’t played in almost a year so I don’t know of any recent problems on bnet but God did I have a lot of fun.

I now play Dark Age of Camelot rabidly and actually like it more. But that’s just my personal taste.

I think I nearly had a seizure this morning when I read that on, Munch.