Diablo II players, unite!

Okay, I haven’t played 1.10 yet. What’s the word? Good, bad, ugly?

Also, would anyone out there be will to burn a copy of it and ATMA IV for me? I don’t have an internet connection at home, so I’m hosed.

I got tired of spending most of my time running back to town to revive my hirelings so I reverted to 1.09. 1.10 seems to be geared toward those who take the multiplayer route; I’ll take a look when the final is released but right now I doubt I’ll bother with it. If I do, it’ll be with brand new characters.

I like it. Nightmare and Hell are much more difficult than in 1.09. Drops are much better for normal monsters. You don’t have to kill certain uniques over and over again to find decent items. Several of the new skill changes are very nice. Some of them, not so much. The new runewords and Horadric cube recipes are also very nice.

I found hirelings to be more survivable in 1.10, not less. At least at low-levels. They start with higher defense and life than before. You do have to worry about them getting mobbed, but that’s not really any different.

Skills were tweeked (mostly) for the better. Synegies give bonuses for damage/AR/etc. It’s better balanced, and the only only overpowered skill is corpse explosion (it’s scales according to characters, a la 1.01). Almost all trees are viable for solo’ing, except the druid summoning tree. The druid’s combat skills are not exactly nerfed, but they were left untouched making them somewhat left behind by other combat characters.

Other bits not specifically mentioned in the patch readme:

  • Multishot moves (fury, fend, zeal) are interuptable, but so are the monsters. You need blocking and reduced block time items.
  • It’s harder to play untwinked characters, but the rares have better stats.
  • Solo Necros are viable
  • Elemental damage has increased, you will need more resist gear and can’t rely on leech so much.

I’ve given up waiting for the 1.10 final patch. The current patch is 1.10s (beta).

Too difficult for NM singleplayer, IMO. As it stands, taking a SP Sorce into Hell would be well nigh impossible.

Mine are all around L40, not exactly low-level. It wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t keep getting swarmed everywhere.

That’s weird, I hardly ever go on BNet and yet I have a Necro in A2NM.

I don’t agree. SP NM is very playable, though you don’t want to be using /players much unless you’re pretty good. You have to be fairly cautious, but it’s very doable.

SP Hell is a different story, and is a very difficult challenge. It’s not impossible, though. I haven’t done it myself yet, since my highest char is currently level 57 (paladin), but I’ve seen several write-ups of single-player characters making their way through Hell. Again, caution seems to be the key. With the number of monsters, and their increased toughness, you really want to be taking them on one or two at a time.

It does seem to work better playing characters started and played solely in 1.10. The characters I tried to port from 1.09 didn’t have good enough equipment to survive easily in 1.10. They didn’t do enough damage and couldn’t avoid being hit. The characters I’ve started in 1.10 have had much better equipment at equivalent levels, and have been able to hold their own fairly well.

screw the 1.10betas… I want the real thing. NOW!!!

hehe, as if that’ll happen faster with my whining. I say just load up on .09 leveling and item finding/trading. It might help you enjoy the game when 1.10 hits the realms. Well, for the people going to play ladder this doesn’t really apply. I doubt I’d go ladder from the get go. I’ll slowly learn how to manage in 1.10 then slowly move into ladder play.

hoping to see 1.10 soon, but I doubt it.

Skeletons are so increased in power that my 85th level zookeeper sits in Act V Hell and is actually rather bored with parts. Give yourself 1 point in corpse explosion, 1 point in your favorite curses and dump everything else in skeleton master, raise skeleton, skeleton magi and there’s very few parts of the game you’ll be challenged by. In fact, they’re so powerful, they might even need a bit of nerfing, in my opinion. Of course, this might also be influenced by my rather uber loadout. Who knew the Arm of King Leoric would be so darn useful in this patch? :slight_smile:

Druids kinda got the shaft in this patch. Sure, the elemental tree is actually pretty cool, now, but their minions are rather pathetic.

Just started, got as a gift for my birthday. Any suggestions?

I’ve tried that. Kind of hard to do in confined spaces, like sewers and the Arcane Sanctuary.

Which is why I think those who don’t normally play MP should start with new characters. A seperate install just for the final 1.10 would be a good idea if they want to continue with their existing characters.

Single or multiplayer? You can also do both by using the Other Multiplayer option, that way your characters are stored on your HD instead of at BNet. If you’re ever on BNet, it’s best to look to see if other Dopers are already playing, look for games called SDMB. That way, the chances of getting involved in a party of assholes is reduced.

Did you get the expansion (Lord of Destruction) too?

the password for those games is “cecil” by the way. I used to play a lot, but this waiting for the patch stuff is BS. Teh beta came out months ago and still no love from Blizzard :frowning:

I’ll probably get back in with 1.10, but for now it’s all about Command And Conquer Generals! Woo hoo!

I’ve got everytihng for D2, expansion and online play. Are their any set game times or servers that you mainly play on?

It’d be cool to play with the SDMBers.

Also, can you explain PvP? I don’t want to accidentally start a PvP against someone who’s 40 levels higher than me or anything like that.

Pretty easy to avoid that sort of thing. In the SDMB games we don’t PvP as far as I know. There is an icon in the online play under the “messages” screen that has a JollyRoger. If you click that you can go hostile with another character. I don’t think that you are allowed to do that under level 10ish.

There isn’t any set schedule, but a bunch of us play on US EAST. Punha will give you a hand for sure.

1.10 is a mod’s dream patch. Blizzard long ago had the epiphany that allowing users to mod a game expands its shelf life. So they added more things that are moddable, including gambling.

Well… looks like V 1.10 is almost out. The Arreat Summit -News

They have closed the Beta test, updated the items pages, and given screenshots for the portal pages. Looks like it should be soon. One of the D2 message board moderators stated that they do not release patches on the weekend… so hopefully it will be Monday.

I’m thinking starting out with a Sorc. Tele+Static+Cold=able to stay alive and MF.

absoul, don’t bother with magic find runs. In fact, forget about mf period. Blizzard nerfed act boss drops so you can play in other places.

I have a sorc does 900 damage nova. That’s 900. The cows instead of being toast, instead blink and said “Soooooo?” You have to play lvl99 hardcore to play this patch.