Diabolical Simpsons Sporcle Quiz

This is a lot of fun:


Curse you, Troy McClure!


Damn you, Maude Flanders!

Take 2:

Damn you, Comic Book Guy!

<Shakes fist>Moleeeeeeeeemaaaaaaaan!!

I’ve been able to make it up to 41 before I crash.

Oh, this is evil. I can’t get past 34ish.

Sideshow Mel

First try I got ten before

Lionel Hutz.

Second time got to about twenty before

Maude Flanders…can’t believe Ned, Rodd, and Todd were all there, but no Maude.

Third time got to 41 before

Comic Book Guy.

Yep, that’s who got me.

Second time through it was Groundskeeper Willy

I’ve gotten up to 39. Can’t get any more characters, can’t stop trying.
Worst. Quiz. Ever.