Dial-a-Prayer, Chicago circa 1960s, What was he saying?

Many, many years ago, way back in the 1960s, Chicago had a Dial-A-Prayer recorded-prayer phone line. I would call it out of curiosity when I was bored, but I was never able to understand the first line. It sounded like “God blesshutiv friend…” To this day, I have no idea what the guy was saying. Does anyone have any idea what was actually being said? Is this a Catholic or Christian prayer phrase?

You may get someone from the period who can remember it. But, the message was changed every day.

The message changed every day, but the intro was always, “God bleshutivfriend, …” then on with the prayer. What is “Godbleshutivfriend”? I’m sure I was mishearing it (i.e., Lucy in disguise with diamonds), but what were those words actually?

Dial a Prayer is still around. http://www.dial-a-prayer.com/

I’m thinking that maybe what he was saying might have been, “God bless you dear friend,” and I had bad ears or something. So consider this case closed. Thanks!