Dialing a number, playing a WAV

Does anyone know of any software that will allow me to use my computer modem to dial a number, listen to the results via my speakers, and send WAV files, microphone sound, or key presses at appropriate times?

Trying to do the Arnold Schwarzengger thing?

I used to call through two different websites (Phonefree and Dialpad) and play the sounds with winamp.

Neither one of those sites are free anymore though and last time I checked there weren’t any free ones that popped up to take their place.

Why would you have to use a website for something like that? Yeah, that Arnold thing is pretty funny, I’d like to do something like that too, but with a Korg Synth or something.

How else would I do it? I haven’t owned a computer with a modem in it for over 3 years.

Do you really have to use the computer to dial out? You could just manually dial the person’s number and then play the wav over your computer speakers with the phone near them.

I’m not trying to do this to play a joke on anyone or something. I’ve been trying to do it for a while so I can 1) save voicemails from my cell to my computer, and 2) do the vice versa with my voicemail recording.

Doing it Joey P’s way is impractical because of the horrible quality of the sound.

What’s the Arnold thing?

Cisco - you haven’t owned a computer with a modem in it for over 3 years? I think all new computers still come with modems… do you remove yours?

A voice modem costs between $10 and $20 and provides the perfect physical-electrical interface to the phone line. I see no point in trying to get around it because using your loudspeakers into the phone set will not give you the same results or even close.

I build my computers and never put them in.