Wow, has anyone else tried this?
It’s a webpage that lets you dial actual long distance phone numbers from your computer online. It’s completely free. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I said the hell with it and tried it and it really does. Anyone have any idea how it works? Supposedly the costs have covered by ad banner revenue.

They explain how it works on their site:
Dialpad.com allows any PC user with an Internet connection to make
phone calls from a computer and transmit them over the Internet to
third-party IP telephony gateways. These gateways automatically
relay the call to its final destination - any regular telephone in the
US. The result is real time voice communication between any two

With the proven expertise in IP Telephony, Dialpad.com has
invented a new, innovative architecture that allows our servers to
handle thousands of concurrent calls.

Yay! This thing is great! Just called my Uncle to talk about the Yankee series… FREE! The price is right…

Thanks for listing it here…

Yer pal,