Dice roll function?

I’m sure that this’ll never be implemented since Jerry & Co. already have their hands full with this board, but I thought a neat idea would be to allow randomized dice rolls in The Game Room. The function could work something like [DICE=#][/DICE] where the # represents the number of sides the virtual die has. The return would be a box not unlike the quote box which returns something like:

It wouldn’t be very hard to code and would add a whole new dimension to gaming threads.

Anyone like the idea?

Where would it get used? I know it wouldn’t really work in my game where I tend to use an Excel Sheet with a series of formulas based on the INT & RAND function.

Does Mafia need it at all? I think it would only bog down the RPGs.

Well, that would be the intent… to be used in RPG threads.

This is a slow medium, I don’t think the dice roll function would help. Of course that is just my opinion. A fast moving game with only a few very active players may well benefit from it.

That would be kind of cool in a sig, with a different number each time. If you could tie it to a function that returned the reader’s user name (when they are logged in), that would be even cooler. So I’d see "ZenBeam rolls a 6 on a 20-sided die. " and What Exit? would see "What Exit? rolls a 19 on a 20-sided die. ".

And maybe when I open the fridge door after posting this, a shoebox full of money will fall out at my feet… :slight_smile:

ETA: Nope. The shoebox just had a note that said “You needed to roll a 12 or better.” :frowning:

For this to work as you want it the dice results would have to remain static after the poster hits submit, so the server would have to substitute the code with the numbers and text. Then there would be nothing to stop the poster from altering the text and saying “hey a natural 20! woot!”.

Just use this site instead.


For such a slow-moving medium, and for a random number generator, why not just agree on a daily publication for numbers? “Numbers Games” used them all the time. They agreed on a particular stock symbol listed in say, the NY Times, and chose the first three numbers to the left of the decimal point. Or pick two. Or pick four. But pick something common, that everyone can see.

Completely random. Completely slow. Completely off-board–which will be much easier on the servers.

Just my thoughts.