Looking for the name/rules for a dice game

Years ago when my dad visited his family, they’d started playing this dice game. He liked it so much, he built his own version of it. (They gambled on it, but they gamble on everything.) But it was like 30 years ago now and he can’t quite remember the rules. (I remember playing it and thinking it was fun and I’ve ended up with the box and would like to start pulling it out at get-togethers.)

It’s basically this. You have twelve levers, numbered 1-12. * You have two dice. You roll the dice. Say it comes up seven. You could flip over the number 7. Or 6 & 1. Or 5 &2. Once a number is flipped, it can’t be used again. You continue to roll and flip until you can no longer flip any numbers. The combined total is your score. You are aiming for the low score. Then the next person takes their turn.

The winner is the person with the lowest score.

It goes faster than my description and it’s a fun combination of luck and some strategy.

There are about a gajillion dice games out there, so I was hoping that someone else may know the game.

*I think his family did the 1-12 with playing cards, (b/c they were taking a break from the family poker game) but he felt all buildy when he made the box.

Shut the Box.


Thank you so much!