Looking for a paper-and-pencil dice game

Okay, this may be a long shot. I’m wondering if anyone recognizes a game I used to play and can point me in the right direction.

It was a game you played with paper and pencil, like hangman or tic-tac-toe. This wasn’t a commercial game like Yahtzee.

I’m pretty sure I originally found the rules for this game in a book. Maybe one of Sid Sackson’s books but I haven’t found it there.

What I recall of the game was that it was about buying and selling a portfolio of stocks. There were several different companies and on your turn, you could buy or sell stocks. The value of the stocks moved based on dice rolls. There was a maximum and minimum stock price - if a stock hit either one it “bounced” back in the other direction. If a stock you owned hit the maximum price, your stock was automatically sold and you got a bonus. If your stock hit the minimum price (zero) it meant that company had gone bankrupt. You lost all the stock you owned in that company (but the company itself stayed in play).

I think there were also dice rolls that determined what stocks you could buy and how many stocks you could buy or sell on a turn.

This sounds like a paper & pencil version of Stock Ticker. Sounds like you could take the rules of Stock Ticker and implement them to your pencil and paper format.

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That does sound like it. As I said, the game I was playing was from a book but it could have been a generic version of the same game.