What was this "interstellar stock trading" game I used to play?

When I was a kid I had this computer game which went as follows. At the beginning of the game, a random star field was generated. (Basically, asterisks were stars, dots were empty space.) On a turn you could start a trading post, and you could buy stock in companies. Companies were formed (if I recall correctly) any time a trading post was placed next to a star, or next to another trading post.

Companies grew as trading posts were added to them, and when they touched, they merged.

Your goal was to maximize the value of your portfolio.

I can’t remember what the obstacles in the game were. Other players? Some rules about mergers and such that made navigating them some kind of puzzle? Something else? I don’t remember.

Is this ringing a bell with anyone? Is this thing available for download somewhere, for nostalgia’s sake?

Further searching found a version here, but it’s one of those tar.gz files that runs (I take it) in Linux, not windows.

Any way I can make it run on Windows?

I remember the game. It was a knock off of the old 3M/Avalon Hill board game Acquire. Which incidentally is still available for purchase. I highly recommend it.

I don’t know of any computer versions but you might find them if you searched for Acquire.

Use any compressed file viewer other than the native Windows one. I have no idea why it’s lacking such a basic feature. I like 7-zip cause it’s free.

It was called ‘Trade’ on my Kaypro 10 running CPM.

man page here.