Dick Cheney, Living Genius

You see, the fact that there aren’t any WMD’s in Iraq is precisely the reason that the war was justified. Got it? What are you guys, idiots? How can you not understand this???


Once again, the fact that there aren’t any WMD’s in Iraq is precisely the reason that the war was justified. Now keep repeating this until 50% of the population believe you.

Unbelievable, that he said this. And they’re probably going to win again. If you made a movie about this administration, no one would watch it because they’d think it was too unrealistic.

I didn’t really see any juicy quotes in that article.

National Lampoons American Govornment.

Funny, before I read this I was thinking the exact same thing. “Who the fuck wrote this screenplay? Don’t they realize that the plot makes no sense?”

This is just surreal. The president says we have to go to war because the bad guys had weapons. And the crowds ate it up. Then the veep says it’s a good thing we went to war, because they never had any weapons. And the crown wants to put Bush on Mt. Rushmore.

Whoever dreamed up this shit ought to lay off the pepperoni pizzas before bedtime.

Yeah. Has anyone found a link the text of his remarks yet? It sounds like he’s saying we had to go to war with Iraq to uphold the honor of the United Nations, and that just doesn’t make a lick of sense when you consider how we rode roughshod all over the inspectors, and blew off the UN’s recommendations once major combat operations had ended.

50%? You mean Bush is going to try to win the popular vote this time? How ambitious. :smiley:

Given the percentage that don’t vote in the US, he only needs 25% to believe in these lies.

Looks like Dubya’s getting in on the act, too.

Gotta love how they keep moving the goalposts for justifying the war.

At first, it was because Saddam has WMD right now and OH MY GOD HE’S ABOUT TO GIVE THEM TO TERRORISTS and WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!

Then, as the stockpiles failed to materialize, they shifted to saying Saddam had a WMD program, but he was actively developing weapons and so we had to disrupt the program before he actually made something.

Now, they’re admitting that OK, OK, Saddam didn’t even have an active program because he wasn’t able to maintain one under the effects of UN sanctions and weapons inspections… but–a-ha!–he might one day have restarted his plans for a program if sanctions were ever lifted and when the world “looked away.” Just to be on the safe side, it was better to go in with military force in case one day in the future the sanctions stopped being effective and Saddam might then have restarted a program and maybe even would have developed some WMD without anyone ever noticing, and then he could have theoretically supplied those WMD to Al-Qaeda even though he and the Islamists couldn’t stand each other and never had any kind of relationship and then the terrorists would have a nuclear/chemical/biological weapon on their hands and they would blow up a city like New York and we’d have to experience something even worse than 9/11!!!
I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry.

This is sad really. I got all excited over finally seeing some pictures of those ‘dual use facilities’, teddy bear plants, that at the push of a button convert into nerve gas factories, but this final report has killed all hope of that. :frowning:

-I wonder if ‘Transformers’ is on the tube this afternoon?

I recommend spreading the word and voting for Kerry.

Yep, Cheney’s a piece of work.

It’s really quite simple. If they truly honestly believed Saddam was armed to the teeth, they wouldn’t have invaded. I mean, who wants to start a fight with an armed enemy? Think North Korea, no invasion there, no-siree-Bob!

Now, on the other hand, if you’re pretty sure that he’s pretty much unarmed, UN sanctions, inspectors, and all. Well, hell! Let’s kick his ass!

Just like the bullies that they are, it makes them feel tough to smack around a defenseless opponent.

When you’re caught in a lie, make a bigger lie. Why anyone in their right mind thinks these chowderheads deserve a vote is beyond me.

Don’t ya remember the good ol’ days? Here’s a walk down memory lane…

Bush to the UN

Address by Bush 10/7/02

Everyone remember this gem from Ari Fleischer?

Bush, March 17th, 2003

Ari Fleischer gives us THE SMOKING GUN

Repeatedly? Tee hee.

Ok, that’s it. My mind is totally blown.

Not unlike the South Park “Chubaca Defense”
Look at the monkey!

Forgive my double posting. I had another thought.

From the OP’s link:

If Bush wins it is basically saying that more than half this country is flat out stupid. I am not kidding here. That is no kind of logic I’ve ever heard of - not even convoluted. Anyone who buys this is just stupid. I’m sorry. I really believe that.

What is a wookie doing with WMDs? It just doesn’t make any sense.

They may have… “Wag The Dog”

Accused? Accused! That isn’t and accusation! It’s a stated fact!

Those fancy-pants Democrats and their “logic”. Why do they hate America so much? We don’t need no logic; we gots ta kill the terrorists. :wink:

Listen, Old Shoe, that was just a movie. When I saw it I realized it was just a fantasy. Nothing like that could ever happen in real life.