Dick Clark finally getting old? (WTF)

What happened to Dick Clark? Did he have a stroke or something? He really sounded bad on the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. Is he ok

Sgt Schwartz

Yes, he had a stroke. Last year.

Didn’t Ryan Seacrest or someone equally non-thrilling replace him last year?

He had a stroke two years ago. This year he looked much better than last year, at least he was understandable. He should retire, though.

Yeah, I watch Rockin’ New Years almost every year. I’m sad.

I’m glad Dick Clark could get out enough for hosting duties, tho it’s a shame he was stuck to the desk job. It is sad to see how he’s faded but as long as he wants to appear, God bless him.

Who was the hottie singing with Meat Loaf!?! Wow!

I’ll be in my bunk.

Retire, shiite. All “good” things must come to an end. Never liked the guy, and watching him now post stroke seems a bit lame.

I thought he seemed kind of sad up there, and sounded it, too. Definitely time to retire! A stroke is nature’s way of telling you it’s time to slow down and enjoy the golden years.

Happy New Year, by the way.

Am I the only one to notice that Dick must be using “Just for Men” - there was not a speck of white or grey in his hair -or- eyebrows!! That just doesn’t seem…natural to me. LOL I’ve always thought that he had a “portrait of Dorian Grey” somewhere. He must have had some restoration work done to it since the stroke two years ago I guess.

In all seriousness, though, Dick Clark, god bless him. He’s doing the best that he can do and he does look fairly good.

Yahh, on TV. In reality, he’s probably immobile and craggy, discolored as h#ll. Give it up old man, make way for Seacrest!


I saw him in person three years ago, and he looked pretty darn good.

That was before the stroke.

Between wheeling Clark out of the crypt to drool in the New Year, and that god-awful woman with all the teeth ‘working’ the crowd, I was able to handle about 10 minutes of the show before putting on Godfather III. Yes, I was that desperate.

Seacrest is the new host of New Year’s Rockin Eve, but Dick Clark still hosts the ball-drop section. I didn’t watch this year, but I know he was in very bad shape last year.