Dick Clark's New Year's Rocking Eve

It’s a bummer. I understand the need for no crowds, but it is just depressing. And the mask thing seems forced. There are about 11 people in Times Square and they are all wearing masks for the TV. I’m changing the channel.

Guess what? My mom died of COVID last night. She caught it from a home health aid who gets test weekly, but managed to catch from someone who wasn’t being careful.

Sorry that people wearing protection bums you out and that you feel mask wearing is “forced”. Everyone needs to wear masks and do it publicly, especially if they have a public venue.

Know what is even more of a bummer? The funeral I can’t attend on Monday.

Modnote: I’m closing this thread for suspected trolling.

I might be back shortly with a warning or a suspension.

1 Week Suspension for UltraVires, no one can be this stupid after this year to start a thread like this. This is trolling.