Did 2 liter bottles used to be made of glass?

I swear that I remember this from when I was in early elementary school (late 70s/early 80s) but no one that I mention it to remembers this.

Google points me to this page , which says:

But I don’t know how much I trust that information because that doesn’t jibe at all with what I remember. I distinctly remember them in the Pittsburgh area around 1980.

Yes, but they were not widely distributed.

I wonder why not?

In Prince Edward Island they still use 1.5 L glass bottles. They also have a 80 cent deposit on them, which almost doubles the cost at the register. Good bottles for home-brew :slight_smile:

All carbonated drinks (soda, beer, etc) sold in PEI must use glass bottles. This rule only applies to carbonated drinks, so juices and water can be sold in cans/plastic bottles.