Coke and glass bottles

This is strange. No OP. I have drank a lot of Coke in glass bottles.
I am old, thats all we had. Cork liners in the caps too.

I have a Coke machine from the 50’s. It is the type the bottles hang from the neck. You make your selection and slide the bottle to hole on the side. Drop in your dime and lift up on the bottle. I have removed the rack at this time and I use it to keep my Pepsi cold.

Ah! youth. When Coke machines changed from 5 cents to 6 cents, I quit buying.

You paid 10 cents for your Cokes? Weenie.:slight_smile:

I remember when cokes changed from 5 cents to 10 cents, but never remember using pennies in a machine (which is how you got 99% of your cokes away from home). :confused:

And what was your solution to a similar rise in the price of toilet paper? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm… What happened to my post? Dagnabbit these tek-no-logi-kal doodads anyway!
My Original Post was about how I only like Coke in glass bottles, but those little teeny ones they put out in the states now hardly seem worth what they are charging for them. I recently found a place that gets Coke imported from Mexico in these larger-than-the-old-normal-size bottles made of glass. (yum!) Anyway, I was just wondering what the reasoning was to use plastic instead here in the states. Was it purely finacial? Or was there some environmental issues involved? And how can they (and why do they) still make them out of glass in Mexico? Is it cheaper than plastic down there, or what? Not that I mind, of course. Keep putting it in them glass bottles, amigos!

I don’t know why Coke is still in glass in Mexico, but plastic packaging is lighter. The lighter something is, the cheaper is it to transport (in general) because it uses less fuel. So, if the size of the Coke stays the same, it’s cheaper to move it around in plastic.

I have no idea about other issues – like less breakge, cheaper raw materials, etc.

In Buffalo, up into the late 1990s, many Pepsi and Coke products were readily available in eight-packs of 16 ounce glass bottles. I don’t know if glass bottles are still on store shelves up there or not, though.

Well, the ones I’m getting from Mexico are big 24oz glass jobbers. Maybe I better stock up before the mexicans change over as well!

I do love those little (8oz?) bottles, the soda just seems to taste better, doesn’t it? Even though it’s supposed to be the same liquid inside, it feels more like a treat than the 42oz BladderBuster™. Maybe I need to move to Mexico…

They use sugar in Mexico as compared to the corn syrup used in most places in the US. However you can really only taste the difference in a bottle.

hi all!I love coke in the glass bottle!theyve taken away the small
6 oz in six packs here in seattle,and replaced them with the plastic ones.
We did just recently got the 24oz ones in qfc,but havnt tried them yet.
maybe thats another sign of retro stuff comin back? will it stay,
sure hope so.
just made the “mistake” of buying 12 pack coke “off sale”
at higher price…wife’s gonna kill me…

rich in seattle.

Do try the 24oz. glass ones, rdky2000. I just had one, ice cold, after slaving away in the MO humidity all day. The experience was, shall we say, orgasmic. :slight_smile:

We used to make Tab runs from NY up to Stew Leonard’s in CT because they stocked 16 oz. refillable glass bottles of Tab by the pallet. OK, Coke drinkers, I realize Tab and Coke are apples and oranges Soda packaged in glass bottles tastes better, is colder (almost to the point it stings) and holds it’s carbonation better.

When I was in the beer business, our Pepsi salesman explained the reason Pepsi Bottling Co of NY ceased bottling their brands in glass bottles after re-introducing them in the mid/late 80’s was because of the Lawyers. They were worried about frivolous lawsuits with regards to cuts from the glass as well as unfounded claims that rodents could get stuck in the empty bottles, not be flushed out during the washing process and then dissolve in the soda upon refill.

I don’t know if anyone in other parts of the country have noticed, but Long Neck, Refillable Bar Bottles of beer (the ones with the thick glass, the scratch and chip rings along the top and bottom that you need a bottle opener or strong teeth to open) have all but disappeared across the downstate NY region too. I have no idea why and miss how well the beer in them tastes. I can’t see how buying throwaway botlles as opposed to using refill-ables (which if you look at the bottom of you’ll see the year of manufacture…I’ve come across some from the 50’s and 60’s that must have been reused 100s of times) is more cost effective and until someone explains why, I guess I’ll blame the lawsuits for that too. Either that, or hot water and detergent are just becoming to expensive.

Refillable, returnable bottles!!

The were most certainly one of the lost pleasures of my American youth.

Get an ice-cold, fizzy-out-the-yazoo Coke at the candy shop for 30 cents.

Then you have an excuse to drag your parents back to the store- a NICKEL REFUND!!

You can buy FIVE Sweedish Fish with that!!

Alas, “Daddy, can we go the recycling centre uptown so I can save the environment? While you’re at it, spot me a nickel…” evokes fuzzy childhood feelings about the dying Earth and the sad, sad bottling and shipping process.

Heh. I haven’t seen sweedish fish for a penny in quite a while…
Anyway, I lived in Michigan as a kid… WE got a DIME! :slight_smile: That’s TEN fish! (yum!)

Coke bottles…

  • sucking your lips inside until they almost stuck, and you looked really stupid/cool when you pulled your lip out.
  • cutting your lip on the broken top when the bottlecap chipped it.
  • putting your thumb on it, shaking it and aiming at your younger brother.
  • searching for a bottle opener.
  • learning how to open it on the side of the table without a bottle opener.
  • those wooden cases that held the four six packs, stacked in the back of the store.

Yeah…I guess I am older than I thought.

But JohnBckWLD…TAB?!
There is a thread on the board now about Vegemite…Tab would be the perfect drink to match that rancid treat from Australia & the UK…TAB…pfooey. yuk, ugh, soap-in-your-mouth-no-wonder-you-have-to-drive-1000-miles-to-get-it-crap.