Soda in returnable glass bottles

rant follows:

Come on soda conglomerates! Give us back those 16oz returnable glass bottles of soda!

Those plastic and aluminum receptacles just aren’t getting it! Your product does not taste the same in those packages as it did when you were using the glass bottles.

Yeah, I know that if I scour the country I can still find those tiny 8oz bottles of Coke at nearly a buck a bottle, but that’s just not good enough.

I want my children and their children to know the senstation of popping the cap on an ice-cold bottle of Pepsi…chilled to the point of near-slushiness and swigging down a big refreshing gulp. I want future generations of teenagers to have the experience of gathering and returning those bottles for gas money.

Get it together Coke and Pepsico, I want 16oz bottles darn it!

Oh hell. If I’d known you were a Pepsi drinker . . . .

(“Hi, my name is Melin, and I’m addicted to Diet Coke.”)

Okay, but will you return them and not throw them out? That may be why they died. It’s very hard to recycle glass unless you use the same bottle for the same product. They could do it if they got the centers together to reuse the glass in the form it’s in.

Oh yes, I promise…

Is it my imagination, or does the soda chill better in the glass bottle?

MMMMMMMMM! Soda in a glass bottle. Nothing like it. Yes, it does cool better and stay colder longer. Plastic, no matter WHAT the corporate buggers say, does flavor the drink. When I used to booze it up a lot, I found that I much preferred my beer from glass bottles than aluminum cans. It tasted better.

I still remember digging out glass, crimp capped bottles of soda (coke or Nehi) from the searingly cold water in the bottom of those old, crushed ice filled coolers at the old stores on hot summer days. Your hand would almost freeze off before you made your selection but use the old church key to pop the cap, place that cold, slick glass bottle to your lips and guzzle down the tasty, ice cold beverage inside! It tasted so much better and fresher than today.

I was a bit surprised when my little 8 year old niece had absolutely no idea what a ‘church key’ was nor anything about those old bottle openers which used to be mounted on the coolers.

Soda companies stopped using glass so much because it is expensive for them to buy the bottles back, sterilize them and refill. Plus, there was breakage. Plastic is cheaper and removes the whole recycling process.

You can’t take a BB gun and shoot those great glass ‘diamonds’ out of the bottom of a plastic bottle like you could on a glass one either! I used to like doing that. Sharp little buggers though and no doubt if some kid did that today on a glass soda bottle, and cut his little fingers, his folks would sue the soda company.

“Think of it as Evolution in action.”

I haven’t seen a real bottle of pop in ages…

The only thing that comes close is fountain stuff.

I want bottles back, too, dammit! Of course I’ll return them! The deposit is ten cents per here in Iowa.

(OK, I may keep one or two around…just in case…)

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Wait…when it was in glass it tasted like fountain shit?

I’ll keep the cans, thank you.


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Nostalgia, dear Tengu. When I was a kid, my grandma had bottles of pop at her house. When we had to “go uptown” we’d always stop at the drugstore where they guy would actually make a Cherry Coke for me.

Don’t get me wrong. At this very moment, I am surrounded by 11 empty Coke cans…partially because I absolutely cannot stand the plastic bottles, and partially because I never clean my desk. It’d just be really nice to have a nice, icy-cold bottle of Coke.

“Excrement. That is what I think of J. Evans Pritchard, PhD.” --Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society

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Hey, fuckwads! (It’s The Pit, what the Hell?)

The most eggregious evil soft drink manufactuers did to utterly bland the taste of our favorite neverages is NOT plastic, it’s corn syrup!

Get a hold of some of the stuff made from real sugar and you’ll see what I mean. When I lived in NYC, I loved going to the local Jewish stores which carried kosher Coke that was made from real sugar.

Yer pal,

Some of us that bottle our own beer have also taken up old fashioned soda pop as a hobby.

I began doing it again as a project for my girlfriends son.

The process is simple, obtain some non twist top beer bottles, bottlecaps and a crimper. Any brewery supply store can help you. Next decide what kind of soda you want.

Sasparilla chips make an exquisite rootbeer, star anise makes an interesting liquerice/rootbeer. (don’t gag yet try it first) Fresh ginger makes the best ginger ale you ever had, but the powdered stuff aint half bad, you get to controll the strength! Vanilla bean, cinnamon sticks or whatever flavorings you can dream up all work well.

Next step is to measure out the water using a bottle. Bring it to boil and add sugar. Steep your flavoring herb mixture in a cloth bag until the desired strength is obtained.

Allow to cool, add a half pack of dry yeast (yes yeast) bottle and cap. Let it set at room temp for a few days then chill and drink. You wanna taste of the old days? You don’t get much older than this! Plus I have yet to see a kid not flip when the warm flat stuff they bottled a couple days earlier comes out all cold and fizzy.

Oh yea since this is the pit, you damn bunch of whiney gen x punks don’t know how lucky you are to have canned soda. In my day if we wanted soda we had to walk all the way to the store and when we were finished we had to walk all the way back with the bottles. Uphill! Both ways! In the snow even.

No doubt the pop companies could make a killing if they went old school. Fuck using plasic bottles or cans, fuck using corn syrup, and fuck making diet pop. Putting diet shit in good old glass 16oz.ers is like putting a hoop skirt on a brahma bull.

Anyone wanna go in on starting a pop company that sells nothing but regular pop in glass recyclables using the good sugar? We’d make a killing.

I think that Coke & Pepsi still sell recyclable bottles in most of the third world countries. Its just the North Americans & Europeans who suffer with the plastic. Maybe you should move to Africa.

Boylan’s. They’re in New Jersey.
(Black Cherry/Cream Soda/Orange/Grape/Birch Beer/Ginger Ale)

Stewart’s. They’re in Denver.
(Root Beer, mainly)

They both make first-class soda, both use attractive returnable glass bottles, both are widely available throughout NYC.

Boylan’s. Stewart’s. Ask for them by name at your local grocer.


I, here in Dallas, can purchase Coke in 32 oz. returnable bottles. The bottles are so worn out that they have two very white ring on either side of the pinch belly. Oddly, you find them in the “Mexican food” section of my local store.

Hell Uke, we’ve even got Stewart’s here in the sticks of Ohio. Damn fine rootbeer.

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How about Boylan’s? You got Boylan’s?

I meant that EVERYONE should look for these two, not just Dopers of the tri-state area. If they’re in NJ and Denver they should have national distribution…

Hey, Unk, are you coming to the Chicago party? Toledo’s what, three or four hours away by motorcar?


Never hoid of Boylan’s. We only get two stagecoaches a week through these parts, so we gotta be pretty choosy 'bout our bubbly stuff.

I was reading the Chicago thread with great interest and kind of trying to work out the logistics. And you are correct sir, 4 hours from Toodleydoo by car. Straight shot west on I-80/90.

Dopeler effect:
The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

We have both Boyan’s and Stewart’s in rural Saskatchewan, so everybody should be able to get it. Canada is also blessed with Jones Soda. The most interesting thing about Jones is that the labels feature a different work of art every six weeks.
BTW my favorite bottled pop is Stewart’s Key Lime Soda, followed closely by their Grape and Ginger Beer. MMMMM… i think I’ll head to the store and pick one up.

Thirsty in the middle of nowhere


You want brilliance BEFORE I’ve had my coffee!!!


You ever try pouring that Stewart’s Key Lime over a coupla scoops of good vanilla ice cream in a big old-fashioned soda glass? Yum.

ALMOST as good as Vernor’s Ginger Ale over vanilla ice cream.

Vernor’s: available in Toledo, but not New York. Unk, I’ll mail you ten pounds of pastrami; swap for a case of Vernor’s…


Deal, Uke! Nah, screw it. I’ll just bring ya some in Chicago.

Dopeler effect:
The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.