Did a thread get completely deleted?

The sock-or-troll already knows whether they are a sock or a troll, so your specifying which one they are doesn’t add anything to what they already know.

I don’t remember the username on that thread but it was clearly a one-off created for anonymity, like the signatures on Dear Abby letters. I assumed it was a regular poster who didn’t want their main account associated with this specific marital issue. Against the anti-sock rules, of course, but it didn’t seem malicious.

It gives them the attention they desire, and thus encourages them to do it again.

The mods have said that in cases like this–disappeared threads/posters–that they prefer you send them a PM, rather than open a thread.

Yes, I am aware of that now, since it was in the post that the bit you quoted was a reply to.


If anyone wants more details about a specific thread or incident, send us a PM.

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