Did the policy about mods locking and closing threads vs. deleting and whisking them to the corn fields change?

I seem to recall that threads were never deleted, just closed and locked, so as to preserve the history of the board, with the exception of bot spamming posts being deleted. Seems like lately there have been threads that get deleted due to some form of moderating, even after several posts have been made, and they no longer exists anymore.

Did something change in how issues like this are moderated or has it always been this way and I have been blissfully ignorant?

Threads from socks and trolls have always been wished away to the cornfield. It’s not just spam, and it’s also nothing new.

Threads started by trolls, socks, or spammers that get closed often get cornfielded, even if a few posts were made.

I don’t know if there is an increase or broadening of hiding threads, but it’s always been done.

Thank you.