Did Al-Qaida ever officially take blame for 9-11?

Okay, not to sound like I have been living in a cave for the last 2+ years, but I have a question. Did Al-Qaida ever take direct responsibility for the 9-11 attacks?

I remember on 9-11 that the only group to stand up and take the blame was Palestinian group. This was quickly dismissed.

Then later, we got to see a really fuzzy looking Bin Laden talking about how much joy he had when the first plain struck the first tower. After wards, there were a few more bits of news that pointed to Al-Qaida as the masterminds, no Bin Laden standing tall and saying “Yeah I did it, you dumb asses!”

Considering the style of Al-Qaida, one would think that the US gov would get a certified letter of responsibility from them, with a lock of Bin Laden’s hair for good measure. Did not Al-Qaida quickly take direct responsibility for the twin tower bombing?

Anyway, if you could post a link with info showing that Al-Qaida took direct responsibility that would be great.


It seems that Bin Laden scrupulously avoided taking credit, because that would officially make him an international criminal. After 9/11 there were numerous statements by the U.S. genovernment trying to tie him and Al Qaeda to the attack, but AFAIK there has never been a confession. Lacking a confession, there will always be some who say that Bin Laden and Al Qaeda had nothing to do with it, that they’re being framed by the U.S.

In my estimation, bin Laden claimed responsibility.

I’m not sure I understand the point about not being an official international criminal.

Pretty much everyone in the world acknowledges bin Laden was behind it.

Your link bup only states that he thought the attack were a good idea.

As for not taking credit for the attack due to not wanting to be an official international criminal is rather a week argument don’t you think? After all, he is the leader of an international terrorist organization, so by default he is an international criminal.

I am just trying to find out why no one has taken credit for them most aggressive terrorist attack in the world.

My link is to the story about the tape that was mailed to Al Jazeera. The tape shows the hijackers, who the tape claims to be the hijackers, at bin Laden’s camp in Kandahar. They were taped at bin Laden’s camp making statements about their martyrdom before the trip. They were taped at bin Laden’s camp looking over flight manuals. Those were superimposed over pictures of the destruction of September 11.

Are you looking for a statement that he ordered the attacks? He probably didn’t. The Al Qaeda cell came to him looking for backing.