Did all your Christmas tree light strings work once they were put on the tree?

Did all your Christmas tree light strings work once they were put on the tree?

Now that the busy weekend is over, maybe there will be a few more people that have their lights put on the tree.

I was hoping we’d get ours on last night, but alas it was not to be.

I did put the outside lights up. They are the dangly ‘icicle’ kind. There were three places which didn’t light up, which usually means there is a loose bulb.

This morning two of the three places are now lit. :dubious:

You do all realize it isn’t even December yet, right?

I answered using last year’s data (first option). We probably won’t bother with a tree this year, unless I get one of those little foot high planted trees. Our daughter came for a Thanksgiving visit, and won’t have the time off or the money to fly back here again in a month’s time. But it was good to have her for Thanksgiving this year.

You do realize many people put them up already?
The poll runs until Christmas is done.

Please save complaints about when people decorate for a separate thread people.

Our artificial tree came pre-strung with lights that remain on it while broken down and stored. Multiple years of use - have yet to have a problem.

I, too, purchased a pre-lit artifical tree several years ago. One section did not immediately light, but I found the loose bulb and voila.

For the first time ever all of the lights lit even after stringing them all together without even blowing one of those tiny fuses inside the plugs.
I think this is the first time I’ve put up the tree sober in about 28 years. Coincidence? :cool:

The girls did the decorating tonight, and they checked the strings first, and all of them lit. Whew!

I put up my outside lights, which consists of two strings of clear C9 lights that run across the fascia in front of the house. I didn’t bother to test them since they were all working last year when I took them down.

When I flipped the switch, 34 out of 50 lights were not working. I started checking individual bulbs and the filaments were broken in all of the ones that were out. Some of them would dangle the filament in such a way that it would light, but that didn’t last.

So off to Dollar General to buy 2 more strings of lights. I wasn’t actually going to take down the lights, I was just buying the strings for the replacement bulbs. When I got back, I ended up replacing about 30 since there are a few lights that wrap around the side of the house that I don’t particularly want lit. The remaining new string still had 20 good bulbs so I put dead bulbs in the last 5 sockets and went up the other side of the house (which is visible since it’s on a corner) and the lighted portion conveniently ended right where the azaleas are taller than the fascia and lights wouldn’t be visible anyway.

I figure if any more lights burn out, I’ll just pull bulbs from the end of that string until there are none left.

One of the eternal mysteries of the Christmas season. When you take off the lights and carefully put them away after the season ends they all work, the following year half of them are out.

Mine all lit, but then again 4 strands were brand new b/c of crap planning on my part - some of the lights I wanted were already on another tree.

no tree this year. Thank the lord.