Did anyone else find The Irishman to be disappointing?

No spoilers in the OP but they might come up in the thread. But the movie is based on a real person and historical events so whose fault is it if you don’t know the story?

I’m a big Martin Scorsese fan. And I like crime movies. So I had high expectations for The Irishman when it was released on bluray a couple of weeks back. It was a Criterion release and everything.

But now that I’ve watched it, I am very underwhelmed. There were good points. But I feel the story dragged; Scorsese included a lot of shots that seemed to have no purpose. There were also a lot of scenes that were tying in the story to historical events, which didn’t seem to have a point. But the biggest problem was the protagonist; Frank Sheeran seemed to be an almost completely passive character. He followed orders. That was it. We were given no insight into what motivated him like we had with Travis Bickle or Jake LaMotta or Rupert Pupkin.

After I finished the movie, I went looking at reviews to see if there was some key insight I missed. I didn’t find it. What I did find is that a lot of people seem to have really liked this movie. It was on a lot of top ten lists.

So what did other people see that I missed? Did the problems I experienced not bother other people?

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