Did anyone, literally, want smoke blown up their ass?

I’m trying to figure out why this is a desirable outcome, if not in the colloquial sense of telling someone what they want to hear.

Yes, “rectal smoking” was a thing for awhile, with folks blowing tobacco smoke up each other asses. Wikipedia entry

People also do alcohol enemas and probably other things also a quicker high. SIGH Sad that I know this. :frowning:


If I did, I’d be at home with a pack of cigarettes and a short length of hose.


There’s a shop I pass on the way to work called “Avail Vapor”.

I tend to read their sign as “Anal Vapor”. :smack:

Wikipedia entry about tobacco enemas:


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In the last episode of the series “Outlander”, a woman doctor from the 20th century who has time-travelled and is living in pre-Revolutionary War North Carolina performs emergency surgery on a man for a hernia in a theatre, while everyone looks on mystified at what she’s doing. Finally the local doctor arrives who looks contemptuously on her technique and says the man did not need any of this surgery and just needed tobacco smoke blown up his rectum. Was this really a genuine medical technique in the 18th century?

Yeah, the lettering is odd and that’s the same way I read it.


I have read that, as modern-day quackery, some folks get coffee enemas. The large intestine’s main job is absorbing water from what’s in there, and it stands to reason that various stuff artificially introduced would be passed into the bloodstream as well.

Abbie Hoffman, IIRC, wrote that a hoax in the '60s had gullible folks stuffing hot peppers up their asses in hopes of a cheap (and organic!) psychedelic trip.

What folks didn’t know was that this only worked if the peppers were organic.

Fleetwood Macs Stevie Nix is famous for this type of stuff involving drugs.

I can personally relate, but mine is exit only.

So did the expression “don’t blow smoke up my ass” come from the tobacco-fume enema being proven as quackery?

18th century, and 19th century and early 20th century as well. Rectal administration of tobacco smoke was done as a stimulant, often in cases of near-drowning. Whether it actually worked is unknown.

Where’s the thread from the guy who wanted to know if eating large amounts of ultra-hot peppers would hurt him?

Yeah, the coffee enema thing is/was part of the Gerson treatment, devised in the 1920s as a treatment for cancer, and some people still do it. :smack: OK, maybe at the time it was about as useful as anything else, but we do have better methods nowadays. It also includes juicing (you drink that, not stick it up your butt) and it’s possible that some people might benefit from that, due to getting better nutrition than they did before.


Charlotte Gerson, the founder’s daughter, continues to promote this treatment at the age of 96. The U.S. treatment centers are only licensed as spas; you need to cross the border to be treated this way by ostensibly licensed health care professionals.

Arrggh…I know a little too much about what people put in their butts! :eek:

Just remembered, there’s also suppositories which are anally inserted medications for people who can’t swallow pills or with gastrointestinal problems that prevents them properly absorbing the medication. I think with advances in medical patches, it’s less commonly used, since it’s been decades since I’ve heard the “You won’t swallow the pill, we’ll go in for the other end!” jokes.

My brother said he tried smoking banana peels (he said you had to scrap and bake the inner part of the peel), melting Vicks inhalers in coffee (use the installer as a stirrer) and my favorite, separating only certain color balls (it think it was blue) balls out of Contact capsules! BTW, he said no effects at all. :smack:

I’ll never forget the 20-something woman, newly pregnant, who came from the ER with an RX for Phenergan suppositories, used for nausea and vomiting, and she said, “The doctor told me I have to stick these things up my butt.” :o I restrained myself from cracking up and told her, “Yes, these are designed for rectal use” and then told her the most effective way to insert them.

They’re most commonly used for this, or hemorrhoid treatment, and of course OTC laxative suppositories are also available. There used to be (and perhaps still is) a product available called CEO-TWO which was made of something that would fizz when it contacted fluid and other material in the rectum. IDK how vigorously it fizzed, but I just couldn’t imagine those being safe for a lot of people.

Lingyi, if you hung around an emergency room for a little while, you’d REALLY learn more than you ever wanted to know about people who put things into orifices where those things were never meant to be.