Did anyone see the Broadway play "Of Mice And Men" in 2014 with Chris O'Dowd?

We just rewatched the Brit series The IT Crowd, and it inspired me to do a search to see if Chris O’Dowd has starred in anything else I’d like to watch.

What’s this? He came to Broadway in 2014 to do the play Of Mice And Men. And he played Lennie! Googling snags a few clips of him in character and damn, he looked like he did a great Lennie.

Did anyone have the good fortune to see this play?

Here’s a photo of him as Lennie.

And here’s a review plus a string of clips from the play. The review praised it to the skies.

I saw it. I thought O’Dowd was fantastic! He really embodied the role and had such a great onstage presence. I wasn’t a fan of James Franco as George though. I thought Franco was pretty dull and stagnant, although I saw the dress rehearsal so he may have improved during the run.

But O’Dowd was stellar! I thought the Best Actor Tony race that year was pretty much just between him & Bryan Cranston (Cranston won.)

Sigh. I wish they taped plays nowadays and let people pay to watch them after the fact. We don’t all live in New York or London, or even San Francisco.

You know, I may be misremembering, but I thought I heard that they actually did tape this show for the public to see.

AHA! Yes they did! It was filmed on Broadway to be shown in cinemas in the UK. Now whether or not it’s available online somewhere, I don’t know. http://ntlive.nationaltheatre.org.uk/productions/ntlout8-of-mice-and-men

And those who do can rarely afford to spring for tickets very often, but they can for DVDs. I’ve never understood why this market isn’t tapped.