Recommend me some works starring Chris O'Dowd

I just watched the last episode of The IT Crowd on Hulu, and was reminded that I find Chris O’Dowd hysterically funny. His timing, voice, and facial expressions hit my funnybone just right.

I see of course on imdb that he’s in a lot of different works, but I’d like to narrow it down. Can anyone steer me toward movies or television shows in which he shines?

I really enjoyed his role in Bridesmaids. Funny and quite charming as Kristen Wiig’s love interest.

He was the star of a recent HBO series by Christopher Guest about a guy investigating his roots called “Family Tree”, but I didn’t care for that.

Moone Boy, where he plays an Irish schoolboy’s imaginary friend. (It’s better than it sounds.)

Thor: The Dark World, very minor role though.

I agree with you about Bridesmaids–his casting was a gift to Wiig. But I disagree about *Family Tree *(which I liked). You have to admit that he held his own as star of the series. (Admittedly it was more of a straight-man role.)

I loved “Family Tree”. The performances are just fantastic.

The Sapphires - he becomes the manager of an Aboriginal girl group touring in Vietnam during the war. Sweet, funny, and his character has interesting similarities to his IT crowd persona.

This x100000. It is soooooo cute and funny.

Well, if you are in New York City before July 27, he’s starring as Lenny in the new Broadway production of “Of Mice & Men.” I saw the show and he is wonderful in it!

Moone Boy, Moone Boy, Moone Boy! 'Tis wonderful.

I agree with every word of this post, and yet still feel it undersells the awesomeness of the show.

He was in the first season of Girls. He played a creep for maybe 5 episodes.

Thanks for the advice. Off to Hulu to check out Moone Boy.

Do not, I repeat, do NOT watch Frankie go boom. You know those movies that look a lot like somebody had a vague idea for a film, manages to find the money and convince actually decent actors, but never goes to the trouble of actually writing a script, and when the time comes they just try to wing it? Textbook case.

The Boat That Rocked and Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel I actually enjoyed, but nothing to write home about anyway.

Seconded, and for more than just O’Dowd. Great movie.

Watched the first episode. I liked it; it reminded me of A Christmas Story, with a little Calvin & Hobbes thrown in. I’d prefer it to have more Chris O’Dowd than it does, though. I’ll continue on and see if that happens.

Oh, I forgot, I liked him as the crook off his meds in an episode of Doc Martin.

I’d forgotten that, too. It was a very impressive performance; watching it one could forget that Doc Martin is usually a ‘nobody gets hurt’ sort of show. There was a real sense of danger.

It’s written by and was created by O’Dowd, so if you like him as a person then it’s the show for you. But if you just want beardy Irish eye candy then you might have to be patient :wink:

Chris O’Dowd and Richard Ayoade became two of my favourite comedians after I finally watched “The IT Crowd.” They should be in every comedy filmed, in my humble opinion.

I have to say that although I love all the actors in The IT Crowd, I couldn’t get beyond a handful of episodes. It seemed like a pretty stupid level of humor.