Anybody else watching Family Tree (HBO)?

This is actually very funny once you get into it. Stars Chris O’Dowd, Michael McKean, Christopher Guest and lot of funny people. The bits with “Monkey” just crack me up. Give it a shot. Sundays after Veep, which, if you haven’t been watching, is some very funny stuff as well.

So. . .nobody, then? A one-season show, perhaps.

I watched a bit of an episode. I think people who like uncomfortable family comedies will like it. I’ve enjoyed a few – the one with Jim Krazinski (sp?) and Maya Rudolph comes to mind, and one with Holly Hunter. Not sure if I’m up for a weekly series with that theme though.

Is that what it is? An odd family?

I’ve been watching it, for the most part. I like it fairly well, although it’s not something that I find uproariously funny. The humor tends to be very low key and subtle, and, yes, often based on awkwardness, discomfort, and dramatic irony. Then there’s the friend who’s over-the-top stupid. So, yeah, British TV.

I really like that Nina Conti is in it. I’ve liked the bits I’ve seen of her on Youtube. For a ventriloquist, she’s pretty funny and, funnily enough, pretty.

I watched the first episode and a bit of the second but it didn’t pull me in. I was expecting more of a “Christopher Guest Movie: The Series” feel and it didn’t have that, nor did it have any of the bits from the commercials.
Have they had the episode with Fred Willard and Ed Begley (from the commercials) yet?

Last week was Begley and Willard, and it went like you might expect. Willard is a howl, as usual.

There is a strong resemblance to Gervais material with this show, and in fact I fully expected to see his name in the writing credits. I enjoy the uncomfortable situation humor.

I really, really like this show. Christopher Guest’s improvised mockumentary format is something I love, but would be the first to admit has grown a little long-in-the-tooth.

Adding a big dose of British self-deprecation has really freshened it up, and Chris O’Dowd is a magnificent straight man.

I love this show. Love Christopher Guest’s movies, too. His comedy zeroes in on human foibles without being patronizing or cruel.

As has been mentioned, Nina Conti and Monk are a treat.