Did Anyone Watch BOTH Town Halls?

I used the DVR so I wouldn’t miss a single minute of each…

I’m a left-winger, but I’m not supporting either Trump nor Biden. (I’m tired of having to preface, but people jump to conclusions…)

Trump didn’t do a good job, but it seemed like a hit job, while Biden got softball questions like usual. The moderator attacked Trump more than Biden, but that wasn’t the case of Stefanapolous, who was the campaign manager for Clinton’s campaign.

Suzanna Guthrie was not only very antagonistic towards Trump, but she asked him almost 50 questions, while the audience received 10, despite this being a “town hall”.

Guthrie’s husband (Michael Feldman) served as Al Gore’s chief of staff during his 2000 run (after joining Clinton from the very beginning in 92)

Not a single question about the Biden e-mails, which were also suppressed by Twitter/Fakebook.

Sometimes things backfire - you know, Trump fans who say “This is unfair” but they’re already voting for him.

I can’t stand both candidates, but I expect a little bit of fairness when it comes to the highest office in the land. Steve Scully lied about being hacked three times and was supposed to be the moderator for yesterday’s debate…

I don’t see how we’ll ever be “united”… But I don’t see us (media, etc) ever being fair and objective. The media’s bias is a financial one.

But Trump forced things in this direction after backing out of the second debate. Actions have consequences, yessir.

Well, he could say “They backed out… I agreed to a debate, not a virtual thing”. I think they should have re-scheduled it, especially considering the final one wasn’t until 2 weeks after the second.

Trump might have had COVID when he debated Biden the first time, but they were socially distanced, and Biden never got sick. Probably helps that he wears a LOT more than Trump.

The entire OP is bunch of conspiracy-minded nonsense, but this part in particular is especially ludicrous, suggesting that George Stephanopolous is biased because he ran a Dem campaign for President (that would be BILL Clinton’s) almost 30 YEARS ago. And further suggesting that Savannah (not Suzanna) Guthrie is biased because of her HUSBAND’S political activity decades ago.

When come back, bring pie.

Biden did an NBC Town Hall Lester Holt a few days before the first debate and Holt also asked him several questions and follow ups of his own. That’s clearly how NBC want to format it. It’s not something they sprung up on Trump.

I didn’t watch either one. I voted for Biden. Period.

But this part of the OP is comical:

Not a single question about the Biden e-mails, which were also suppressed by Twitter/Fakebook.

If this story had any legs, the Trump we all know and love, would have had no problem talking over “Suzanna” to get this topic going.

Apple is the best pie, by the way.

Not conspiracy. Fact. Can’t you understand these people are human and have their own biases? Do you think Amy Coney Barrett is going to be 100% objective?

You can go sit on that pie…

Yes, pity poor helpless Trump. He doesn’t know how to get his points across or how to talk over someone to get his points out there. Give me a break.

It’s pumpkin pie season BTW. I hear that sewer rat taste like pumpkin pie but I don’t know, people are talking . . .

I watched some of both. Trump likes to argue, which tends to cause arguments with the moderator. Biden is much more generous and conciliatory to his questioner, which tends to make them back off the aggressive attacks. Also he lies less.

There definitely was a difference in approach with the moderators. Some of that is just that George is a very soft interviewer in general, while Guthrie seems to want to do the investigative bulldog “make them answer the question” thing. I think both can be fine, but it’s odd when you see two different approaches at the same time.

However, some of the “softballs” I saw on the Biden one were: “why did you pass the 1994 crime bill that locked up so many black folks”, “why do you not have any enthusiasm from young black voters” (the latter from a young man obviously unimpressed with Joe’s old-timey stories), and very aggressive followup from George S. about court-packing.

I’m not sure why Trump didn’t just go back on Fox News, to be honest. I guess he wanted major-network ratings. Tucker would be happy to talk to him about Hunter Biden’s (or Hillary’s) e-mails.

The Commision of Presidential Debates has a chairman who was the Republican National Committee chairman during Ronald Reagan’s presidency but you don’t see Democrats crying conspiracy

You mean the e-mails that the FBI is investigating because there’s reason to believe they were faked by Russian operatives? Those e-mails?

Since the story was reported by NBC News, you’re right - there should have been some questions directed to Trump on that issue at the NBC event.

Yes, that’s what every person promoting conspiracies says.

Can you understand your own?

The President dodged questions, promoted QAnon and was frequently nonsensical. Biden …didn’t and wasn’t. All you’ve done is overlaid an “it’s all the fault of the biased media!” narrative to excuse Trump’s failings and explain why Biden didn’t have the same issues. And your offering up “Why did they refuse to give credibility to the latest dubious right-wing narrative?” as proof of their bias instead stands as proof of yours.

And some of the questions Trump got attacked with were:

When did you last have a negative test?
Will you disavow QAnon in its entirety?
Will you accept the results of the election?

You are using q-anon to distract. I think you have the bias. I’m just pointing out the double-standards.

Isn’t that a bit like using a cotton swab to clean your ears ?

ETA: no q-tip/q-anon pun intended

It’s not the left that are using Q-Anon to distract. How can Trump keep claiming he really doesn’t know much about them when he keeps reminding us about how smart he is? He seems to know a lot about Antifa but fails to go into details about what he knows, just hands waves and tells people you know what I am talking about.

Trump was “attacked” with questions that should be child’s play to anyone not unfit for public office. And he flubbed them. Like he flubbed all the softball questions he’s been given over the last four years.

I tuned in during that first question, and I couldn’t believe Trump just started out trying to avoid/lie/blame right off the bat when he didn’t even have to!

Here’s my comment from the “Tweets” thread:

I knew I couldn’t take more than a few minutes of The Donald’s voice, but I tuned in … and saw him LOSING a solo debate!

Savannah Guthrie was holding his feet to the fire by making him answer simple questions, like: “Did you get tested the day of the debate?”

Trump equivicated, deflected, said “I get tested a lot, the docs say here’s a test, I say ok, so I get a lot of tests.” “But did you get tested the day of the debate?” blah blah blah… “But you don’t know if you get tested that day?” “How should I know what day I got tested? But I get tested a lot and I was doing great during the debate!”

He looked like a kid caught lying. I turned it off with “What. An. Idiot.”

He repeats himself over and over. I sometimes wonder if he’s trying to lose… Some will say he’s appealing to his q-anon base, but they’re already going to vote for him. Maybe twice! Maybe adding a vote for their fetus!

He’s not trying to lose. He’s a fucking idiot.