Did anyone watch CNN's Planet in Peril special report?

With Anderson Cooper, Sanjay Gupta, and Jeff Corwin? I missed it on TV but Netflix hyped it so I added the DVD to my queue. It releases on Nov. 20th.

Worth watching?

Yes. Surprising, to me at least, it is. Gotta say, Cooper was as fair and balanced as it is possible to be. For example, he interviewed skeptics without all the hysterical baggage and ignorance of their viewpoints that so permeates the typical desperateness of this topic. It was probably the most informative thing I’ve seen, even including Gore’s excellent documentary.

That’s good to hear. I like all three of the hosts, but was hoping there was more substance to it than simply the easy-on-eyes personalities hosting a vacuous bubble-gum Oprah-ed version of what’s going on with the planet.

i caught bits of it. i just can’t stand seeing what they do to the tigers and bears in china.

i found the bit on chemicals in your body part quite interesting. no wonder people are coming up with all sorts of infirmaties. unreal! poor mr cooper was found to have quite a few chemicals in his system. almost as interesting as the “corn-ifacation” of the us.