Did Benjamin Netenyahu's late brother play a role in his political life

While looking up the Entebbe air raid I learned that Benjamin Netanyahu’s brother was the leader of the commando troop that freed the hostages, and that he was a casualty. Did Benjamin Netanyahu’s entry into politics or his political popularity have anything to do with this event? Did he talk about it alot and did his family ties play a role in his political popularity? Here in the US for example George W Bushs father being president and vice president played a role in him becoming president and Nelson Rockefeller probably had alot of help becoming governor of New York due to his last name. Was it the same for Netanyahu, did his family ties play a role in him becoming a famous and successful politician?

Very likely, Yonatan Netanyahu shaped his brother’s decisions.

I read the Y. N.'s collected letters “Self Portrait of Hero” He was an extraordinary young man – and likely would have become a Prime Minister himself.

I think Bibi, perhaps like JFK when his older brother Joseph was killed, felt he had to live up to his brothers destiny.