Did Biden ever suggest something along the lines of swapping two ethnic groups geographically?

My 92-year-old father has a bad habit of watching Fox News and the “Science” Channel, so his information sources aren’t usually the best, and he tends to twist the bad info he receives even further.

Last night he said he didn’t like Joe Biden because he was an idiot, citing a new story from “a long time ago” where Biden’s solution to some international conflict was to send people living in one country to another. I think he was implying Biden wanted people to “swap” nations and that it happened when he first came on the political scene.

Does anyone have any clue what he might be referring to? I couldn’t find any reference to it. Assume my father could be decades off and that he very well could have completely misinterpreted what was said. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I find it hard to believe that Biden was elected to the Vice Presidency twice and nobody ever brought this up if there was anything remotely true about it.

The most I can think of from memory is Biden suggested as a Senator that Iraq be divided into 3 regions. Kurds, Sunni, and Shia’s (I’m sure I butchered those spellings) I

Isn’t that basically what has happened (by design or not)?

This is exactly what I thought. He seemed to think it wasn’t that but I have a strong feeling that’s what he was referring to.