Did Brood X Cicadas kill tree branches?

I live in Pennsylvania, west of the alleghenys. We have no cicadas this time around.

Last weekend we visited some friends in Charles Town, WV and I noticed something strange on the way home on the PA Turnpike between Breezewood and Bedford. There were many trees with random branches with dead leaves. At first I thought it was only oak trees but noticed some other types of trees with the same condition. We left the Turnpike and proceeded over Allegheny Mountain where the random damage seemed to have stopped as we crossed the peak. This led me to wonder if it was the cicadas and not pollution or some tree disease causing this since the Allegheny Front seems to be the border of their range in Pennsylvania.

So, do cicadas kill random branches on trees or did I see the effects of something else?

Yep, they kill branches.

Sure. It’ll be the ends of branches, clumps of leaves the size of a vollyball. They turn brown and eventually fall off. If you really want to experience this in style, you could come help me clean my yard…

Question answered! Thanks.