Did Columbus really make his voyage?

Sofaking, while your first two links served to promote your theory, the last link had me slightly :confused:

Also why would we want to be saved from welsh women? Or were you referring to the noxious cigarettes in the blue package? Then that would be Gauloises. See, if Louis XIV had had his way, you would have known how to spell that correctly. :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe that last link should now show testimony from a respected public authority proving my argument conclusively. Look fast, however. The Man keeps trying to silence this hero.

Note also that I resisted the urge to travel back in time myself and edit the spelling error in my prior post. That’s what separates the Americans from the French: restraint. And time travel.

The French stopped working on time travel when we stopped working on our own SST. Since that time they have only tried to compete with the US on atomic bomb tests.